Gryson Spring Line???

  1. Does anybody know when the next Gryson offerings will be out? I'm loving my Olivia and can't wait to get something new from Gryson!
  2. hmm- not sure about the bags, but I do know that she has an upcoming shoe collection.
  3. I had heard in May. I saw the new release pics. There are some stunners, A whole woven leather collection that is TDF. There is a bag called the Jasper that is positively humungous. Woven in a neato Blue Jean Color. They've got the Olivia's and Skyes in the woven style. Neat colors. Cream, Blue, Rust, and an almost Teal color. Prices are a bit higher than last years bags. A few over 1000. The woven thing is just so cool I may have to get one of this line.
  4. Lexie, where did you see the release pics? They sound lovely!
  5. Someone I know buys alot of Gryson's from a Dept store I assume and since she buys in bulk they gave her the upcoming sheets several months ago. Just wait until you see the Woven Blue Leather Jasper.
  6. Oh! Cream!!!!!!! :amazed: My dream bag may be in this lineup:yahoo:
  7. :drool: Oh, this is like torture! Now I really can't wait. :p I signed up on the Gryson website for their mailing list to get notified when the Spring line is posted, but the unveiling date got pushed back from Jan to Feb. I think next week Spring officially begins, so it can't be long now...
  8. I too am waiting, waiting, waiting to see the Grysons spring line! Last night, I googled Gryson to see what I might turn up and found one new Gryson bag on Neiman! She's called the Amanda. They show her in white and espresso. She is an absolute knock out! A large East West satchel with that really cool trigger lock they had on some of the fall bags. I guess maybe the Amanda is going to be big sister to the Ava. I wonder if there will be any other colors? I was thrilled to find at least something of the Gryson Spring line!
  9. Gryson's Spring delivery is running late. Stores are expected to receive their bags at the end of February.

    Check for updates.
  10. I also so a white Tate on the NM site. Hopefully with the spring stuff starting to trickle in they might FINALLY put the winter bags on sale. I so want that red tate but noone else has it.
  11. Oh Oh...they have a Jasper on NM now. They call it a Woven bag from the pocket group but the Woven bags I saw had real criss crossed woven leather all over. Keep a watch out!!! They're comin.

    Look at the size of that bag!!! 9"H x 22"W x 7"D
    Doesn't ship out till late April.

    Gosh, I love it but it is just too huge.
  12. Don't like the Jasper. 9X22? Weird.
  13. The Amanda looks exactly like a lightly larger ava, and the jasper like an elongated skye/olivia.

    I'd love to see Gryson put out some smaller bags.
  14. I wonder if GrysonGirl will respond soon? She posted a gorgeous blue bag in a "blue bag" thread a few weeks ago.
  15. there will be 3 deliveries of gryson in spring, the first delivery is expected to be in store by March 5 at the latest. the second delivery, which consists of the woven group will be in stores at the end of March, and the third delivery, which will be new colors in the pocket group will be in stores in April. here are some pictures from the 3 deliveries.
    jasper woven blue jean.JPG lizzie wine.JPG linda citrus.JPG josey green.JPG heidi white.JPG