Gryson sophie in NR?

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  1. Has anyone seen a white Gryson Sophie in any of the NR locations? If so, how much is it? Desperately looking for one...
  2. I saw one on Friday at the NR in Costa mesa, Ca. They had one in white and one in black. I own the black one... It's SOOOooo cute ;)
  3. Haven't seen white, but the black and blue ones they had were $199
  4. saw white at NR San Diego today. someone was buying one but they may have had a couple...they had at least 2 blue ones and one black (which I purchased) $199
  5. I think I saw one yesterday at NR Meadows Marketplace in Colorado. Their phone number is (303) 706-0035. Good luck!
  6. Saw one yesterday at NR San Diego if you're still looking