Gryson Skye

  1. Hello all. I am looking into the Gryson Skye and wondering about the military color. I have looked at the old threads and a bunch of websites, but it is hard to tell what the color is actually like. Is it more of a grey green? I would really like the chocolate or smoke, but I don't have a coupon code at any stores that stock those colors. Even so, I have been wanting a green bag so I think I would like the color. If anyone has this bag or has seen it in person, let me know about the color. Thanks!
  2. I saw the Gryson Olivia (Olivia is just like the Skye, only larger) in Military at my local Neiman Marcus. I think it's an awesome color. It was my second favorite, after the white color. I might be totally nuts . . but, I thought it was more of a green-brown color. In fact, I thought I was holding the chocolate color, until I looked at the tag and it said Military. It's a great color ~ awesome bag ~ I don't think you will be disappointed. Active Endeavors is supposed to be getting Gryson bags sometime this month. I am on the list for a white Olivia. I would have purchased it at Neiman Marcus that day, but thought I would wait on (free shipping, no tax, and I have a coupon code for their site that isn't expiring anytime soon). At Neiman Marcus, I would have had to pay tax. Anyway, the bags are gorgeous ~ I fell in love with the white Olivia. I'm so excited ~ Can't wait to get the call when they finally come in!

    Adriana :heart:
  3. That sounds nice! Thanks for the reply. On some sites, it looks grey-green and on others it looks brownish green. Thus the confusion! If you want one sooner, The Purse Store has the white Olivia in stock. Use toutie for 20% off and FreeShip for free shipping. No tax unless you live in MD.
  4. I saw it in real life too and it's definitely a VERY subtle green - more of a brown, imho. It's similar to how the smoke looks almost black IRL. Like gregsgirl, I thought I was holding the black bag until I looked at the tag! Bottom line is that all of the bags are gorgeous in every color. You won't be disappointed.
  5. Mmmmmmm. Thanks! This is good to know. It sounds great. Plus I think it would go with a lot. I really love the details on these bags, especially the handles.
  6. OMG . . I can totally order this bag like now then!! I thought I was going to have to wait until active endeavors got theirs in stock!! Thank you so much, Katheryn!! I'm soooo excited! Yay Yay for new bags purchased at a discount!! :o)

  7. It's purse forum karma! You took the time to help me, and now you get the purse sooner! :smile:
  8. Okay -- this is so tempting! How's the weight of the bag empty?
  9. Yeah this is a great deal! I just bought my black Skye from the Purse Store for $556. That's no tax, no shipping, and with the Toutie discount. If I had bought this bag from a traditional retailer here in CA it would have been $695 + 8% tax so around $750!! I love a bargain...
  10. Gryson's Military is a neutral green. Her bags are very...very beautiful in real life, they are worth their price tags; I'm a die-hard Marc Jacobs fan, I love leather bags with suede lining. I waited for these Gryson bags for months and I was not a bit disappointed when I finally saw them in person. =)

    If you decide to get Military Skye, shopjake (located in Chicago) has a promotion code (toutiejake) for 25% off as well. Shipping is $10USD for UPS ground. Their numbers are 773-929-5253 and 312-664-5553.
    Check out their website ( for more information.


  11. I am actually thinking about ordering the black now... since my MJ bowler was cancelled by Bloomies. :hysteric: Decisions, decisions!!
  12. I just checked and the Shopjake discount is the same as Thepursestore, 20% with code TOUTIE. And free shipping for CA for both. Thepursestore had black and military last night, but now the black is sold out. So I ordered the military from Thepursestore, since I can also get points there. Can't wait to get my bag!
  13. Shopjake's promotion code is 25% off, I called & confirmed with the store a few days ago.
    695 * .75 = 521.25 + 10 => $531.25 (shopjake)
    695 *.8 => $556 (pursestore)
  14. When I put that code in a Shop Jake, I only received 20% off - it was $556, the same as The Purse Store.
  15. I called & confirmed a few days ago, I would personally order it over the phone. As long as you are happy, that's fine. =)