Gryson Skye: Smoke v. Black?

  1. First post of mine - thanks in advance for your advice!

    I've been needing a black bag for a while, and am thinking about getting the Gryson Skye; would ladies that own smoke and/or black Skyes have any words of advice? Instinctively, I like the smoke (to the left) more, but part of me feels that I should really get a black-black bag and not a black-ish one with brown trim (even though it's so beautiful!). :love:

    Second problem, of course, is that smoke is only available full price whereas I can get a black one 20% off. So everything is going for the black at this point, but the smoke is still calling to And oh, why is finding a perfect black bag so darn difficult??

    PAAAAAPGIKJHCHDG_c.jpg Skye_Blk_L1300.jpg
  2. Welcome petitpois! You've arrived at a great place! As for which bag to buy, I would probably go with the black/black (just for me personally) because that would be one I could use a lot.

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. Even though you won't be getting a discount, I think you should go with the smoke Skye. Like you said, instinctively, you are drawn towards that bag. I think it's better to go with your gut feeling because you shouldn't have to settle on a bag.

    Plus, the smoke looks like it would go well with blacks and seems very versatile.
  4. i like the Smoke
  5. I agree with the previous posts about the Smoke. If that is the one you are drawn to, you should get that one. It would stink to settle for the black, and then wish you would have gotten the Smoke. If you don't absolutely love the Smoke when you get it, you could exchange it for the black.
  6. Go with your first instinct, you won't be sorry at all--the smoke is gorgeous, by the way!!
  7. petitpois, I was having the exact same debate as you - same reasons for each and everything! I also had the added factor of seeing both bags in person. I picked up the smoke first and actually thought it was the black. It's that dark IRL - more of a charcoal than anything and the contrasting colors are very subtle. So if the fact that you need something to go with black is the main deciding factor, you should go for the smoke with no worries. The black is more polished looking - shinier and a little more traditional. I really liked them both but chose the black mainly because of the price difference. The smoke is really gorgeous though and I think if you keep coming back to it, that is what you should get!
  8. i like the smoke as well... has a good color to it.... will work with lots of outfits... well, black too.. but it's less boring..
  9. How can you get 20% off of the black? who is offering a discount?
  10. The Purse Store was offering 20% off with the code "toutie" but they are sold out of the Skye now, I think. Shopjake was also offering a discount with the code "toutiejake" but only carry the military color.
  11. ActiveEndeavors and ShopIntuition also have promotion codes for 20% off.

    Petitpois, you can contact the stores for their next shipment. If the code has expired, some Customer Representatives are willing to apply the discount on an upcoming order as well. It doesn't hurt to ask.
  12. smoke is the way to go. it looks black in certain light. very unique color.
    gryson1.JPG gryson2.JPG gryson5.JPG
  13. Smoke!
  14. Smoke - it's unique and will go with everything.
  15. Ok so I am officially going crazy! :drool:
    I received my black Skye today and it is beautiful. The bag's shape, size, and quality are perfect. BUT I can't get the smoke Skye out of my head... I think it's something about the freshness of the color for this season and also the contrasting leather colors that may just set it apart from the black. (I also don't discount the influence of this very thread!!) Soooo I was looking around online to find some pictures to compare and I found the Skye in smoke at - and guess what??? Shop Jake is still doing the 20% off with the code "toutiejake" and the free shipping and the no tax!! So now there is no price difference between the black and the smoke!! :nuts:

    Here's where the crazy part comes - I just ordered the smoke from Shopjake so that I can compare the smoke and black in person. And now I have to wait another week to have my bag/make a decision...

    But I did want anyone out there who is having the same problem deciding know that there is no longer a price difference between these two bags - hooray! :yahoo: