Gryson skye S/S 07 colours

  1. My SA at Shoptwigs tells me that the wonderful Gryson Skye is coming in a new range of colours this Spring, including a gorgeous blue. They were due in last week but nothing - does anyone have any idea when they are being released?
  2. Sarajane,

    Check out the info posted by GrysonGirl in the Gryson Spring Line thread. I think the Skye bag is part of the pocket group that she refers to. If that is the case, it sounds like it would be April for the gorgeous blue Skye (Hey! I like the sound of that! What a poetic description of a bag, tee hee!) She also has some links to pictures of some of the Gryson Spring Line. One of the bags is a great Blue Jean kind of blue, another is a deep marine sort of blue. Both of them are really really pretty.

  3. Sarajane, Check out The new website is working now, and they show the new colors. The blue jean color is beautiful!