Gryson Skye Question! Fake?

  1. I'm confused! I've looked at the Gryson Skye from shoptwigs, elux, revolve, etc and the strap that goes underneath and buttons at the bottom of the bag will go all around the bag.

    But when I look at eBay listings, for some colours, the strap only goes to the middle (ie. not all the way around?) Is this a surefire sign of a fake?

    Please please, I urgently need some help! TIA!
  2. It depends on the season. They can't leave well enough alone...LOL I have a 2 year olf Chocolate Skye that has no strap on the back at all. Just from the base up to the pocket. I also have a Woven Blue Jean Skye that I bought from Shoptwigs last year and it has no back strap. But the new Indigo Woven Skyes have a strap all the way around. You can't count on this for authenticity issues but be careful on eBay with Skyes. Ioffer sells alot of fake Skyes for about 160 and people re-sell them on eBay. Alot of the bags on ebay now are from the previous Gryson sale so you have a better chance of an authentic one.
  3. Thanks Lexie for confirming there's no rhyme or reason to the back strap! haha