Gryson Skye on sale in grey or tan?

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a Gryson Skye in the grey (or smoke) or the tan color ON SALE? The red one might work, too. Or discount codes? I have no idea where to look for these except for Neiman Marcus. Thanks!

    Also, pics of your Skye bags are welcome! I would love to see the different colors!
  2. Thanks! I did check her listings but I don't see the grey. I will keep looking, though!
  3. Go to the Deals and Steals area and see if there is a code for Active Endeavors. I belive they have the grey Skye. I think there is a code for 20% off floating around somewhere...
  4. The 20% off coupon code for Active Endeavors is "thankyou". It's good through Dec. 24 and on non-sale items :smile: .

    "Coupon codes cannot be applied to J Brand, Paige Premium Denim, Citizens of Humanity or 7 for All Mankind orders due to vendor requests."
  5. [​IMG]

    Olivia - Grey $855

    If use the coupon code above, will that be counted as "sale" ? :graucho:

    Good luck hunting!
  6. I love my Chocolate Skye but that Grey is really really beautiful.
  7. Hi All,

    I work for Gryson and would like you to know that Upscale Trend is not an authorized retailer of Gryson. Please be aware that we do know where these bags have been purchased and cannot guarantee their authenticity!! I recommend buying Gryson at one of our retail partners such or

    If anyone has any Gryson questions please feel free to ask me!!

    Gryson Girl
  8. GrysonGirl, you should definitely have the inside scoop on the sales, then! any tips??
  9. i know that websites such as Active Endeavors | Shopping , The Purse Store and : Lingerie, Bras, Wacoal, Hanro, Sleepwear, NICK & NORA®, Handbags, Wallets, MAXX, Perlina, Hobo, Pashmina, Accessories, Lejaby have discount codes from Toutie! Chloe, Siwy, Isabella Fiore and Grechen's Closet - It's not you, it's your closet. .
    Grey, camel and cerise are brand new colors that just came in the holiday delivery. Stores just received their stock on this a few weeks ago, and there is a major demand at retail to get these bags. Retailors are clamoring to get more stock because they are selling out so quickly, especially in the Skye and Olivia.
  10. Sorry Gryson Girl. I was wrong. She does get Authentic Gryson but probably is buying from Dept Stores as her Ebay auctions state.
    They are authentic bags and she has never sold anything but authentic. I just want to clear her name.
    Ebay is just an outlet for some of us to purchase authentic bags at a slight discount. Of Course buying from direct retailers guarantees authenticity (In most cases). Had to add that because of recent threads about fake bag returns and the Bluefly Issues.
  11. Just wondering where I can buy a Gryson bag in Australia? are there any stores that stock them?
  12. Robby Ingham in Sydney will be getting the bags for spring. the first delivery will hit at the end of january. here is their info...

    Robby Ingham
    242-248 Oxford Street
    NSW 2021 Australia
    (02)9332 2124