Gryson Skye in Blue Jean TDF

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  1. Sorry girls, Apparently I haven't figured out how to post pix after all! But at least I think I managed to get the link in there!
  2. What a gorgeous bag! But a little bit pricey ...:sad:
  3. she's gorgeous! i am in love! i bought the skye in white yesterday from the purse store. i'm so excited.
  4. I saw this bag at the Neiman's presale - it's beautiful. I think it was 30% off.
  5. It's GORGEOUS...I'm obsessed with this bag, though I want the Olivia. starbuxxx, you saw the woven one in this color? WHERE?
  6. I haven't see the woven leather bags in person yet, but I did see the regular Blue Jean Olivia at Nordstroms and it's a beauty!! The color is even better IRL and very hard to describe - not too blue, not too gray. It's a very unusual shade, one I've never seen before. I just couldn't stop looking at & touching it!!!
  7. That is beautiful!!!:nuts::sad:And so, so out of my price range right now.:crybaby:It's the perfect color, shape and everything.:cry:
  8. I saw it on the sale table at Neiman's in San Francisco. It was there on Sunday. It was definitely the woven one. Saks in San Francisco also had it on the presale table but it was a beige woven color and not the blue. Give them a call - they may still have it.
  9. The woven leather blue jean is already on sale at NM/Saks??? That's weird. I thought it was way too new to be put on sale already. (even the plain blue jean bag is older than the wovern leather bag). Do you happen to know what the markdown was?
  10. I like the color, but not the way that the sides are belted up-I think it would be prettier without that. JMO:smile:
  11. you can unsnap the side flaps and let the corners fall naturally - this gives the bag more of a brief case/tote bag kind of look. Personally, I think the way the bag looks w/the ends snapped up give it a very unique look/style - undone, it looks just like any other square/rectangular bag.
  12. I don't remember the exact amount but it was about 30% off. It was the smaller bag so I think it was the Skye bag. They only had one on the table. Saks had the same bag on sale but it was a tan color in woven with dark brown trim.
  13. Wow! My salesgirl at Nordstroms told me that their half-year sale is coming up in June - I should call her & find out whether or not Gryson will be included w/the sale.
  14. My Nordstrom in SF also has this bag and I already checked to see if it was included in their sale and my SA said no. I do know that Nordstrom will price match if another store has it in the same exact color and size. Let me know if you're SA tells you otherwise.