GRYSON Skye: How is it holding up?

  1. Hello! :love:

    I am thinking of purchasing a gryson skye but was wondering how it will hold up in the long run. When I finally saw one in real life, I thought over time and constant use, the woven handles and the way the handles attach to the bag (the thin spiral-y leather strap coiled around the handles...) could perhaps be a problem... like begin to come apart or peel in any way? ? :shrugs:

    I know in another thread I read here on tPF started back in the summer, some were concerned w/the longer straps holding up....

    So, if you own one or have a friend who does, how is this bag holding up? Is it worth purchasing?

    Thanks so much! Appreciate any reviews about Gryson, namely the Skye! :yes:

    Sorry if there has been discussion about this already...haven't been able to do a formal search as the search function is disabled. Also, wanted to hear back from those who had used it for some time now...and had time to break in their skyes.
  2. I wore it everyday during the holidays, including a 3 day popover in Vegas. Still looks good to me :tup:
  3. I'm the 3rd owner of my Skye (purchased from a tPF'r who had purchased it from another tPFr) and have been using it off and on for the past couple of months. The handles have held up fine-- I would say the leather gets scratched up somewhat easily but I figured it's part of the bag's character.

    I've been a little concerned about the thin straps too-- I do load up my bag and only use one of the the long straps (removed one of them) but so far it looks ok.
  4. ^kelly and jello: thanks for the helpful responses! I appreciate it...It's good to know that it has been holding up well for both of u...actually I was hoping that I wouldn't be tempted to purchase another purse....but I may just have to... well, hopefully more tPFers will respond to this post...!
  5. Oh gosh, I've been using my black Skye for a year at least several days a week and it looks better than the day I purchased it. The leather is finally getting softer and slouchier. The handles look perfect and I carry it frequently with them. The only bad thing is it is hard to keep the light suede lining perfectly clean. I say go for it. Obviously, it is a favorite of mine.:tup:
  6. ^ Wow! that's awesome!... The one I am thinking of getting is also a black w/the light suede lining... So far, from the responses I've been getting, it looks like I am going to purchase this purse... Anyone else??
  7. i have a chocolate skye and i adore it!!! i say go for it for sure, BUT i will also say the inside suede lining is not easy to keep clean and i am verrry careful with linings and putting things in plastic in my purse and everything but i used it for 2 weeks on my vacation i just returned from and the inside def. has some signs of use, all i carried in it was a book, my makeup safely inside a pouch and keys and a wallet, and just normal rub of my keys in the bag and the book and such have left it looking a little worn inside which makes me sad BUT its the inside :smile:

    and i will say the leather does have a few scratches on it but as jello said i chalk it up to character I still think its a wonderful bag and wouldnt trade buying it! :smile:
    So i say go for it

    plus i have a black olivia and i think that the leather shows way less wear then the chocolate color so the black i think would hold up even better :smile:
  8. The woven handles weren't a problem for me. The longer straps, I was worried about that too. But I've had mine for a couple of months, using it everyday and they're fine! Mind you, I am a bit careless with my bags and I've used it for textbooks a few times.
  9. I have two Skyes, (military and cerise) which I carry off and on. My daughter has the black Skye that you want which she carries all the time. She's had this bag about a year. It is holding up beautifully and is in fact getting better and better with time, developing a beautiful glow and getting softer and more supple looking.

    Gryson did have some problems with the handles in your area of concern with the first manufacturing run of these bags, which I think is actually a very good thing for you, cuz unless you are planning to purchase an older preowned bag, that problem has been addressed and corrected in the newer bags. I say go for it!
  10. I picked up my Gryson last winter and it's holding up wonderfully. The woven handles have stretched, but not unraveled. And I honestly like that they've stretched! I can wear them easily over my shoulder.

    The only complaint I have is some color transfer on the back, but it's on the back and no one can see it but me, so I can deal. My bag, for reference is the Camel Skye from Fall 06.
  11. My black gryson skye is great! I think it is SUPER high quality! it does seem to take a little while to break in in terms of the zippers and shoulder straps, however I can definitely see this purse lasting decades!
    Yes the lining is beautiful but it can get annoying to always worry about keeping it clean inside.
    For me this is the smallest bag I've got so I don't stuff it up with stuff, rather I just use it for a night out or when I'm carrying light.

    All in all, I think that this is a great bag to invest in because of the quality and style.:smile:
  12. I think I may be in the minority here, but my Gryson Olivia (the bigger version of the Skye) has been a disaster. One of the side snaps broke after just three days of use. Gryson sent me a replacement; the side strap of the replacement bag broke in the same place after just three weeks of use. I have been very, very disappointed in the quality of the bag.
  13. I had the EXACT same problem with the nylon olivia I received from Gryson after their customer service debacle a couple of moths ago. I was in the airport and one of the long straps broke. I am so fed up with Gryson at this point that i didn't even contact them. I would not purchase another gryson.
  14. I still haven't decided.... In order to purchase the Gryson skye on hold for me til tomorrow, I need to drive a bit over an hour... I guess I am wondering is this purse worth the drive and back w/ my kids in tow! I really don't want to purchase it if I will have quality problems w/ it later... Seems like The Skye owners so far at least has had great experience w/theirs....
  15. You might want to consider a nylon Skye. I have a black nylon Skye and the nylon is really pretty - it almost has a taffeta/silk feel. The handles on the nylon Skye are much nicer (IMO) than the handles on the leather Skye. They are much sturdier. The lining is grey suede. I was rather skeptical about a nylon bag, but I really like this one!:smile: