Gryson Site Up and Running!!!

  1. Sale bags are wild. A Woven Blue Jean Jasper for 687.00!!! The sale page is great and also I got a 10% off any item in an email. They have lots of sale bags to choose from.
  2. Hmm... what color do you think the handles on the gray olivia are?

    I know they've had a few different grays.
  3. Lexie!! Did you order? I couldn't resist the price on the Lexi bag. Only 189.OO plus 10% off for subscribers!! I got 4 bags for less than the original retail price($775) of the Lexi! I did a little Christmas shopping!! Free shipping too.....This really exceeds my wildest expectations. Sadly (sniff) no woven blue jean Olivia. I think Jasper would be to big for me... I may go back for the Nylon Olivia. Thought I better move fast on the sale stuff! Wow! That was fun!!
  4. Well, i jumped and decided to go for the Talia in grey-the price was too good.

    I've never seen this one IRL-but it looks like a middle ground between the Elissa and the Skye. But really-for $112 (after the discount) how could I go wrong?
  5. Yup,
    Jumped in as well - got the Kaitlin satchel in red - love the classic shape AND the size, not too big. I've been looking for something like this, but in black, but hey - red will do!
    Enjoy everyone!
  6. Okay- I'm dumb- how do you find the "sale" bags? Many thanks!
  7. Make sure you look at the other items too! Some of the regualr bags are not to be missed
  8. QUOTE=woodstock;4065569]Okay- I'm dumb- how do you find the "sale" bags? Many thanks![/QUOTE]

    Woodstock, Click on "Handbags" (upper right corner) there is a list Fall 07, Classic, and Sale. Click on sale and there they are! Here is the link:
  9. Excellent! Thanks for the heads up Lexie!!
  10. Woodstock, Click on "Handbags" (upper right corner) there is a list Fall 07, Classic, and Sale. Click on sale and there they are! Here is the link:[/quote]

    Thank you, thank you! I did figure it out eventually :smile:. And actually signed up for the mailing list- so I got an email notice too.
    So I also pulled the trigger on the grey talia. Now I am wondering what it will actually look like-the pictured talia looks to be a white rather than grey. Well, either way, it was a good deal and it seems they have unconditional returns- so if I really don't like it, back it will go! What a nice surprize for a Monday morning!
  11. Is there a code for the extra 10% off? I just signed up for the mailing list.
  12. Nope- when you go to check out- there is a notice on the top of the page that says the 10% off will reflect in the charge on your CC. What bag are you looking at?
  13. Does anyone own a grey talia? I'd love to see what it looks like IRL.
  14. The sale deals are great, but you can still get a better deal on Gryson at somewhere like on the new stuff if you use their 20% off code, Toutie.
  15. Wow these are some great deals! I looove my Sophie and I want more Gryson in my life... 3 or 4 of them! :graucho:
    Has anyone seen the green IRL or at least in a photo of the bag rather than just the little swatch of color on the site? I think I want the Lexi or Naomi but I can't get a very good idea of what this color looks like...

    (Actually, is that the green in the Naomi photo? Looks bluish on my monitor...)