Gryson Rachel vs. Tate...What's the dif?

  1. Hi you Gryson fans. Can you tell me the difference between the Rachel and the Tate? They look the same, sort of to me. Thanks!
    Also, would you rather own an Olivia or a Tate? And why? Thanks!:confused1: :p ;)
  2. The Rachel is GINORMOUS! At least twice as big as the Tate.
  3. TropicalGal-
    The tate and the rachel are the same shape, but the rachel is a much larger version of the bag. if you need to carry around your computer, or larger items, the rachel would be better, but if you want to use the bag strictly as a purse, i think the tate is a little easier and more wearable.
  4. Thank you Gryson Girl and GinaF. You saved me from making one HUGE mistake! Tate is for me. Thanks!