Gryson "Pinch Me I'm Dreaming" customer service

  1. Hello Gryson girls (and anyone considering becoming one!) I just ran across this little goodie while googling GRYSON, in hopes of finding any little tidbit on the fall 2007 line. I thought this was soooo amazing that you girls would want me to share it! I'm a fan for life....
  2. THAT is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.
  3. ^ agreed. i hope Peter Gryson hears of this story being told around. he deserves to know what fabulous customer service he's given. this is the best marketing tool a company could have....excellent customer service and INTEGRITY.
  4. I'm glad to support Gryson! Love their bags.
  5. With customer service suffering at so many companies, I'm glad to hear they treat their customers well. I recently found out about Gryson and love their bags. I will look more closely at their line now.