Gryson owners, question!

  1. I just got my black Olivia (LOVE IT!!). Do you treat your bags (inside - the suede, or outside - the leather) with any protectant or waterproofer? Wondering if I should before I take her for a spin!

  2. I have an Olivia in Mushroom and I haven't treated it and I'm hard on my bags. It looks great. I do have some Wilson leather wipes if I feel like I need to use them but these are very sturdy bags.
  3. i dont have mine yet hehe but it is on the way and i plan to spray it with wilsons leather protector
    i spray ALL my bags unless they are deerskin or coach pebbled that say specifically not to treat them
    i have used it on my botkier sasha, my botkier biancas, all my kooba, my prada, my linea pelle's-EVERYTHING! :smile: and no issues ever so i personally am sure i will treat this one as well because then i dont have to worry about not only dirt but rain and it is rainy season! :smile:
  4. I've treated all of my Grysons (I have 5 of them) with Wilson's liberally although the leather is tough and sturdy and should wear well. But do it just for extra protection.
  5. With the black, I wouldn't worry about it much, but certainly treating it wouldn't hurt. I treated my ocean colored woven Olivia as per Lexie's advice with the Wilsons spray because the color is just so gorgeous, and I was concerned about any little flaw marring her perfection. My daughter has the black Skye, which she has carried daily for a year, and the leather has gotten more and more beautiful with time. She is not one to be overly cautious with her bags, the bag has not been treated, it looks better today than it did brand new! Best wishes for a long and beautiful realtionship with your new Gryson Olivia!!
  6. I recently got a dark brown Olivia and I don't feel the need to treat a very dark color like dark brown or black. But I agree it wouldn't hurt. I'm so happy to hear that your daughter's bag looks better after a year of use.