Gryson Olivia

  1. Unfortunately I am unable to see this bag in person. Any thoughts or opinions on this bag from anyone that has seen it or has it would be great? Have been eyeing it in the gray. Thanks.
  2. Leather or Nylon? I have White/Tan leather Olivia (love it!!) and would love to add a Nylon too.
  3. Gray leather on Eluxury
  4. Oh that's an excellent price! You should get it!
    I have an Olivia, in the color "military" (kind of a drab brown).
    It is a LOVELY and very well made bag, that holds a lot without really looking oversized, and it ALWAYS earns me compliments. Definitely one of my BEST bag purchases.
  5. I have been eyeing this bag too. Supposedly there have been some Grysons spotted at Nordstrom Rack.
  6. That's beautiful...and a great price. Go for it!
  7. Unfortunately when I got home from work yesterday the bag was out of stock. Today it is available again in the color riverside. Does anyone have a clue what color this may be??? I knew I'd regret not getting it the other day.
  8. I have a Gryson Olivia in Nylon and it is a very practical and functional bag. I'm sure the leather one is as well!
  9. If you mean riverstone, it is a really pretty blue/green/grey color. I think it has either dark brown or black trim - I LOVED this color when it first came out but it seemed to only be at a few retailers, and never went on sale low enough for me to jump on it.

    Edit: Actually, it seems like all the photos on Elux you can mouse over are showing in the riverstone color. Only the regular pic on the page is the grey. SO tempting! And I am soooo on ban!
  10. greenpixie Oops, yes, it's Riverstone. Do you think the color is very versitle or to limiting as an everyday bag. Thanks
  11. Does anyone here know if Gryson is raising their prices?

    I noticed on and that some are selling for $1075! didn't they used to be less? Also on I noticed that the silver grey nylon olivia is selling for $765 while black and brown are $895.
    Is this how it always was?

    Just curious. Mabey you should jump on the one you want if prices are going up OP.

    Good Luck;)
  12. I have a Gryson Skye in Blue Jean, not Riverstone, however it is also grey/blue/green and has dark brown straps. I :heart: it. Gryson colors are just so lovely.

    Kind of a crappy picture, sorry. I remember when I took it, I was on my way out...
  13. Thanks for the pic Kelly. Is the Skye slouchy or does it retain it's shape without being stuffed? I'm hunting for an eluxury discount code for sale items....
  14. It is just a flatter/less puffy version of itself when empty. It is structured though, kinda, because of the stiff leather wrapped around it Hard to explain....