Gryson Olivia - the Parrot's opinion

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  1. My Gryson Olivia (camel) arrived today! :yahoo: After agonizing over the Skye vs Olivia - thanks for all y'all's assistance - I went with the larger bag. And I'm glad I did! I hate to overload a bag, and the Olivia carries my daily load to perfection without getting that "stuffed" look. And there's room to add one or two "whatevers" that latch onto me in my wanderings, including reading material. The leather's scrumptious and the details are outstanding.

    When I unpacked it and loaded it up for a test run, my big macaw, Billy (yes, he's one of our 3 parrot "children") yelled out, "Wow! Look at that!!!!" So now we have an unsolicited, unqualified parrot review of this bag.
  2. A parrot's eye view? Well I though my wee boy had shown insight into my bag buying habits (see other thread) but this takes the prize - Oh and he/she (parrot) has great taste . . .!
  3. I :heart: my Olivia! Best bag ever. Congrats on your purchase!
  4. Ah ha ha! That's a great story!! Congratulations on your Gryson. It looks great on you!!
  5. Oh, that looks GREAT on you!! I think you made a wise decision. :smile: And Billy obviously has very good taste. That guy knows his bags!!!