Gryson Olivia Owners -- Please help.

  1. Hi All --I just got my Gryson Olivia, purchased from a long-time eBay seller w/100% feedback on bags. The bag is black w/gray suede lining and light gold hardware. In looking it over, it has Lampo zippers and on the main top closure the back of one of the zippers has block printing LAMPO (in caps) with MADE IN ITALY (all caps but smaller) at the bottom. On the other zipper (still on top) it has the Lampo in the italics with the lightning bolt under it as does the outside zipper. The interior zipper is metal but has no marking. All the zipper pulls have Gryson on both sides. This bag came with the Neiman's tag still attached, in it's dust cover and wrapped in a Last Call Bag. Am I okay, or did I get a dud? Any thoughts or info would be deeply appreciated as I'm definitely concerned :confused1: Thanks for the help on this one.
  2. I just checked my Olivia purchased at Nordstrom. The only thing I see on the zippers is Gryson.
  3. sdkitty -- I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear. It's the underneath part of the zipper runner, not the zipper pulls, where the maker marks are shown. Does that make sense?
  4. Sorry honey - all my zipper pulls say GRYSON too.
    I bought from Nordstrom.

    eta: Underneath part says riri, not lampo.

    And one more thing, GRYSON bags are high quality and made of the best materials. If you don't think what you got fits that description, I would be concerned.
  5. Oh...this is new to me. Mine says riri m8 on top ones and inside riri m4
  6. my gysons as well have riri zippers
  7. Maybe shoot the Grysons an email from their website. I think they were very helpful in doing authenticity checks when another member here was questioning her bag (which turned out to be fake).
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    Good idea...If you email them tonight they may answer you by the morning...they are very helpful
  9. Thanks everyone. Have just sent email and will let you know what the answer is.
  10. Hope you hear good news...I can imagine your anxiety. Was the zipper the only thing that looked questionable? I wouldn't have even known to look there.
  11. Well, I had fingernails until a few hours ago. . . The leather is really nice but I noticed the drape didn't seem to hang evenly and then discovered the side snaps weren't quite even (maybe 1/3" difference). That's what made me really examine the bag and how I found the zipper issue. Hoping Gryson will get back to me tomorrow morning :sweatdrop: but I know enough about high end well made bags to feel like this isn't promising.
  12. also i know that on my grysons the snaps on the side where the bag can be unsnapped to make it look more square,, if you unsnap those and look on the underside of the snap part (the part that has the sticking up part that you snap ONTO ) on the underside of that, on both my grysons it says fiocchi italy

    other ladies check yours is it the same? that may be another defining thing you can check for !:smile:
  13. I'm sorry Cat :sad:
  14. Thanks Kelly. It's my first brush with the possibility of a fake and I'm NOT enjoying it. Slush, what a great eye! The snaps on my bag have the same so maybe. . . there's hope?
  15. Gryson has used different zippers on different bag seasons. I have 5 Grysons currently. A Chocolate Skye has Lampo and my Tate has Riri. And through all the other Grysons I have had and sold they have had varying zippers. That's not a determining authenticity factor.