Gryson Olivia or RM Matinee

  1. Having seen so many posts on the forum about Rebecca Minkoff bags, I called Nordstrom to ask if they had any. The said they had a Matinee in glazed almond on sale. I had them hold and when I got there found that they also had put out one in elephant color. I prefer the non-glazed leather and liked this color although I was somewhat disappointed that it was firmer leather and not very soft and slouchy. They also had some Gryson bags and I became interested an an Olivia, deep brown with black trim. The leather is nice and soft and of course it has the suede lining. I couldn't make up my mind so brought both home. Both are fairly neutral. Both are fairly heavy. I think the Matinee is a bit more neutral because it's all one color rather than two-tone. But the Gryson has a shoulder strap whereas the RM is tight fit on shoulder. The Gryson is a higher quality bag but I think both would wear well. Opinions please.;jsessionid=GT3B3OS1ORQQACQAAKMRPVA?itemId=prod27050027&parentId=cat207300&index=2&cmCat=
  2. i like the first one more
  3. I have the matinee and LOVE it! I also love Gryson, but the Olivia was a little too gigantic for me. I love their woven Skyes. So, between these two, I'd definitely go with the matinee. I wear mine as a shoulder bag all the time. Plus, I love its different pockets; makes organization easy. The Olivia is one giant pit IMO, even though it's beautifully made.
  4. I have an Olivia in mushroom and the matinee in glazed espresso. I prefer the Olivia over the matinee. The matinee is a cute bag but for me the opening is too small and that annoys me. I have been carrying my Olivia almost every day since I got it. It is a big bag but it's easy to get into, the shoulder straps fit great and I love the look of the bag. For reference, I'm almost 5'5".
  5. i like the olivia over the matinee as well.
  6. They are so different - it really depends on your style. The Matinee is awesome for special or casual days. The Olivia, I found, was just overwhelmingly large and looks more like just a casual bag. :shrugs:
  7. I like Olivia more.
  8. Also (just in case it is an option) at these sale prices, you should keep both :tup:
  9. contest.
  10. Here are the pictures. (My vote is for the Matinee)

    Rebecca Minkoff Matinee

    Gryson Olivia
  11. Are you interested in the leather or the Nylon Olivia?
  12. I've expanded by purchase options. I'm eliminating the Matinee as it's not going to be comfortable on my shoulder. I was compelled to go today at lunch to see if the other Nordstrom in the area had anything interesting. Now I have purchased the Gryson Olivia in the brown with black trim and plain black -- both leather, no nylon.

    Opinions between these two?

    Thank you.
  13. i like the look of the all black Olivia... I also think it'd be a more quality bag... more bang for your buck
  14. Thanks...I got a Nordstrom half yearly sale for half price - $444:yes: