gryson olivia in black

  1. does anyone know where I can get a gryson olivia in black for a good price?

    thank you.
  2. there are also a whole bunch on eBay...
  3. gosh I know! it's very tempting, but are they authentic?
  4. I know how you feel - I don't know if they even make fake Gryson. If you post on the handbags and purses thread and ask if they make fake Gryson, SOMEONE will answer you.
  5. To my knowledge there are no fake Grysons=)
  6. They do make fake Gryson so you should be careful. I ended up getting a fake Skye on eBay and had so much trouble getting my money back. However, I have sold authentic Gryson on eBay several times and I think a lot of them are authentic. Just need to be careful...
    link to a site that sells fake Gryson:

  7. wow are you serious? Wow those replica makers move fast...I have only known Gryson for a couple of months now=(((
  8. OMG i just checked out that site and those replicas are horrriiible!!!! They should be arrested for their purse crimes!!:tdown:
  9. At least they don't pretend to be real.
  10. just wondering...i am actually looking for a knock off as I do not have enough money for an authentic one and they seem to be just as good.

    not promoting it or anyting just trying to feel special as i cant afford a pricey one.

    any help? is that leathermoon place legit as far as sending out a non-authentic one? i jsut dont want to get scammed.
  11. I am sure that someone will answer this with more detail and facts....but please do not buy a knock off bag.

    It supports drug cartels, terrorism, child labor, etc. :tdown: Not to mention selling them is against the you want to carry something associated with that?

    You are better off buying a authentic lower priced will make you feel special in a better way than carrying a FAKE. :yucky:

    What are you looking for style wise, and what is your price range?

    There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum, someone will be able to help you find the perfect
    authentic LEGAL bag!

    Good luck!! :flowers:
  12. This is an authentic Gryson for a great price. The tag on it is a Nordstrom Rack tag. NR got a ton of them in this Fall/Winter for great prices. I always look in the "completed" auctions area of ebay, and check out bags that haven't sold. Nine times out of ten, the seller will relist (if it hasn't been already) if I request it at a fixed time so I can nab it!! :tup:
  13. You may want to wait a few months and pick up a genuine Gryson at Target. It probably won't be leather, but it will be a Gryson. I think they're coming in March?
  14. I totally agree with BJara! You definitely don't want to buy a knock off bag. I think you should buy a bag of the same design that you want, without a "fake" designer label on it. You should check out Target, TJ MAx, and Marshalls to see if there are any lower price bags you like with the same style as the Gryson.