gryson olivia in black or grey?

  1. does anyone know where I can find an olivia in black or grey for a good price? I've got a skye, but want something bigger. I'm looking to the purse Goddesses for help. Thanks!
  2. I got one on eBay for about half price if thats any help=)
  3. Bagshop carries Gryson Olivia and now are offering 26% off discount:

    I ordered from them once. They duplicated my order but didn't refund me the shipping I spent for return. I heard several tPFers also have similiar unpleasant experiences with them before.
  4. thanks so much for your help!
  5. yes, I've heard many horror stories about them. Thank you anyway though!!
  6. Be careful about eBay - there are fake gryson bags being made now. Just check ad double check before you bid. :yes:
  7. thank you for the heads up, kelly!
  8. thank you!