Gryson Olivia-how sturdy is it?

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  1. Hi all,

    I love the look of the Gryson Olivia IRL, but what I can't gather is how sturdy is it? I'd want to use it as a work tote which means it would be lugging around notebooks, maybe text book on school nights, a pair of shoes, a laptop--not all at the same time, but you get the gist.

    Will it stand up to that kind of abuse, or is it a big bag that isn't meant to carry around that much weight?

  2. i don't have one, but honestly, i wouldn't carry around a laptop or text books in an expensive leather bag...but i am probably in the minority! i use a leather/hemp kale HUGE bag to lug my laptop around in and it holds it shape and will stand the test of time very well. i carry around books, etc., in my MJ, but would never dream of adding my laptop.

    just my .02 :smile:
  3. It's not large enough for all that. I put a standard 8.5 x 11" notebook in mine and it was a tight fit when zipped. All I had in there was a cosmetic case and a long wallet. The leather is sturdy, but the bag isn't as big as it appears.
  4. I have the smaller Skye but I don't think the larger Olivia is a haul around bag. Even though it's made excellently it's more of a handbag versus a tote type bag.
  5. Have you considered the Gryson Rachel? It is larger than Olivia and has much the same look with a North/South orienation as opposed to the Olivia's East/West.