Gryson Olivia for $400!

  1. Rarechic is having a special weekend deal with their Rare25 discount code. If you use the 25% off code on the sale items you can get them for nothing. They have an Olivia marked to $534 and with the 25% off it goes down to $400. Wow!
  2. Thanks for posting! What a great price! :drool:
  3. Makes me wish I didn't pick up the Heidi during the NM sale a couple days ago!
  4. Great price! Thanks for the post!
  5. Thanks - I am trying to decide between the black olivia and the green josey! which do you guys think is better?
    so different ... i already have the black skye ...:smile:
  6. Hayley--it is so hard to decide. Depends, I suppose, on what you will use it for. Seems like the Josey will be different from the Skye....
  7. thank's for posting!
  8. Awesome deal for a bag that is actually in black! lol
  9. Thanks, i think you're right ... though worried that the Josey doesnt look as good quality as the Olivia... havent seen the Josey in RL, but have seen Olivia and it looks pretty special... agh!
  10. Hayley, I have a Skye and an Olivia. Skye came first for me. Now that I have my Olivia I have a strong preference for it over the Skye.......I think the larger style really shows of the special design elements of the bag so much better. I say go for the "O", unless you want a different look, then the Josey. I have seenJosey IRL and I think the quality is all there!! That green is gorgeous!
  11. I just tried to use the Rare25 code and it no longer works. Is anyone else having this problem?
  12. I couldn't use it either. Does anyone recall what it was selling for at the NM sale. I also bought the Heidi Tote but have no regrets
  13. It was only for the weekend, she said to use Rare20 to get 20% off
  14. I love the Josey in Smoke. With the Rare20 discount code it's only $451, pretty much half price. The green is gorgeous though and colors are going to be big for fall (besides black)!