Gryson Olivia - black or brown?

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  1. I got the Olivia in deep brown with black trim at the Nordstrom half yearly sale. Then I saw the black and thought maybe I liked it better. So I brought it home and need to pick one. I originally wanted a new brown bag but in this case I think the black may be more versatile. I like both. Please help me pick.


  2. They are both great. The brown stands out. Do you have other black or brown bags.
  3. brown
  4. I like black!
  5. Anyone seen these IRL or own one? Do you think the brown with black trim is less neutral than a plaiin brown would be? At first when I put the brown one next to a jacket that was a lighter brown, I thought with the black trim, there was too much going on. Later I thought maybe not? I'm going circular here.
  6. I have an original Gryson Olivia w/brass hardware, but I love how the bag looks with silver hardware. It looks like such a "grownup's" bag. What will you be using it for primarily? If you work in an office setting, or have a position of seniority, the black might be more suitable. But if you're going to use the more bag more casually, the brown might be better - I think the brown/black combo is a little more casual looking (sporty?) than the all black bag (esp w/silver hardware).

    No matter which you decide to keep, I'm sure you're going to love it. My bag is about a year old, and I was surprised at how much softer the leather/handles were than the ones I saw recently at Nordstroms - that's how that leather is, it only improves and softens with age & use!
  7. I like the brown one!
  8. both are great. The brown looks like it has black straps so it could be used with both black and brown....
  9. They are both very pretty but I really prefer the brown one. I have always liked it from the moment that I saw that on the internet, very attractive!
  10. I work in an office but it's pretty casual ...I wear skirts sometimes and pants other days....I like a bag that I can wear on weekends with jeans and also for work. I just don't have time in the morning to stop and change purses because the one I'm using doesn't go just perfectly with my outfit. And on work days my bag sits in the drawer most of the time. So in a way I'm more concerned with how it looks when I'm out and about on weekends...but don't want something that's super casual...kind of in between I guess.
  11. I have a special adoration for black bags, so I say black, if it were for me.
  12. Re your comment on hardware, my bags say they are Fall 07 and the hardware on both is goldtone or brass, not shiny. I like either silver or if it's goldtone or brass it's OK but not if it's very shiny gold. The hardware on these bags is fine with me...subtle.
  13. Brown
  14. I have seen the brown IRL and it was gorgeous. I would have snatched it if I did not have a fave brown bag already (choc betty).:heart:
  15. Still struggling. I think the black is more practical choice but when I look at it, I see a similarity (not striking by any means) to a black bag I have. Whereas the brown one is more unique. DH doesn't like the shade of brown but I disagree. Thanks for all your input. Do you think the brown/black combo makes sense for someone who doesn't like to change bags...(may use for a month at a time before changing)?