Gryson Olivia bag - Issues w/the braided Handles?

  1. I have an original Gryson Olivia bag from one of its first production runs. I understand that there were some problems/issues with the handles, where the braided leather unraveled and/or came loose. I was just wondering if this was the only issue that anyone was aware of?

    You may recall that I purchased a gently used Olivia bag and the braided handles were a bit stretched out. They don't look loose and it doesn't appear that anything is about to break. I actually just used the bag today for the first time. While the bag is by no means overloaded and/or stuffed, there has been some weight added to the bag, however, considering the size of this bag, I'm pretty sure it's meant to hold even more than what I am currently carrying. I notice that at one end (where the handle connects to the bag) the leather braiding has flattened out & overall, the braided handles have loosened up considerably. (The braiding is no longer "pushed together" & tight like the new bags are).

    I was just wondering if anyone else who owns a Gryson Olivia (esp from the first run), has noticed this, or if anyone's had any problems w/their handles breaking. I don't think these handles are in jeopardy of breaking, but I do want to know if that has happened to anyone else. Is it actually better that they do stretch? (will that keep them from breaking?) I've read how Gryson stands behaind their products, and acknowledged the earlier problems w/the handles. If something did happen (and they were to break) I'd definitely try to contact Gryson - but is that something I really need to worry about?
  2. I recently came upon a thread in that lengthily discussed this problem. Apparently, you were not the only one. I was looking to purchase the Olivia and during my search I came upon this issue. I don't want to risk it even if they say they have improved the handles. I still love Gryson bags so I just bought the Moni from the Spring 2007 line.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Hi iluvmybags, No I don't think you have to worry. The braided handles on my first GRYSON, a military Skye from their first run, stretched out like the ones on your Olivia. They are still holding strong even though I have now handed this bag down to my 18 year old daughter who uses it daily! If the handles were to unravel at the base (which I think was the issue) I still wouldn't worry based on what I've read about their customer service. Check out this link!

  4. thanx for the addtl info romeo. I had seen these articles about the handles & Gryson's customer serv which is why IF the handles were to break, I would definitely contact them. I'm relieved to hear that your handles have also stretched & that it hasn't caused any kind of problems (or even broke). I looked closely at the base of the handles, and it doesn't look like anything's about to unravel. It's just flatter at the base of one end and the rest of the handles are stretched. As I look at the base of the handles when I hold the bag in my hand, nothing looks overly stretched and/or pulling away, so that's good.

    I really like this bag a lot. Luv the way it carries - it sits so nicely on the shoulder (using the shoulder straps) and I didn't have any problems getting in and out of the bag (which I heard about from some users about those tabs on each side/end). And the leather is sooo wonderful - it's just beginning to really soften in certain places, and I can't wait to see how this bag ages. I'm thinking I might even eventually want to buy a Skye for lighter days. I'm so glad I took a chance on this bag - it's one of my best eBay buys ever!