Gryson Olivia Bag (Do you all like the Grey or the Black better?)


Do you like Black or Grey in the Olivia Gryson?

  1. Black

  2. Grey

  3. None of the Above

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  1. Pretty easy question for most of you, but not for someone who has been so darn indecisive lately:shrugs:. I've been in a major bag rut and we all know how that feels... something must be wrong with the world:confused1:.... can't sleep:yucky:, etc. haha. Anyway, I thought I'd give myself a "pre-vacation/Christmas" present this year. Okay, Okay... I do that all the time:roflmfao:, but anyway... what color of the Gryson Olivia bag do you guys like?:shrugs:

    I see lots of grey and black and those are the ones that stand out the most. :smile: Also, anyone think the eBay ones look good? :smile::confused1:

    Thanks in advanced guys....:yahoo:
    Grey Olivia.jpg Black Olivia.jpg
  2. i prefer the green or brown
  3. The black. They grey IRL always looked more taupe to me.
  4. Between the black and grey - Black! Not a fan of the gray for some reason, but it may be the pic too...

    Love indigo and military (blue and green)....
  5. I love the grey only because the contrast trim is one of my favorite features on the Olivia (and Skye and Elissa). And you will love Olivia! She is awesome to carry and feels like money. I have a White/Tan Olivia :heart:

    I would make sure you really scrutinize the eBay auctions WELL. There are fake Grysons being made - check out ioffer so you know what's in circulation.
  6. I like the black. I purchased a black one and a dark brown with black trim. I decided to keep the brown because I needed a new brown bag more. But I did like black one as well. I found when I was in the store getting the black one and tried on a camel one, the black looked nicer and the lighter color (camel) made this made look even larger. Seems like it might be same with grey. And for me black would be much more versatile. As far as your making a big deal out of the decision, I do that all the time! And after I've made my decision, I keep shopping hoping I don't see something I would have liked better.
  7. I just got the black and love it. Looked at both IRL and did like the gray but it's a big bag and didn't seem quite so large in the black. In either color it's a great bag. Every time I carry it someone stops me with the "OOOh I love your bag.":tup:
  8. Thank you guys... I'm so indecisive still. lol. I'm 5'9" tall and a size I am not tiny... I love big bags! haha
  9. I love the gray. I always lean toward a black bag but this one has appeal to me. Both are great though. I am also 5'9" and size 14. Big bags just look better on me.
  10. What do you guys think about the woven styles? I didn't like it at first, but I've seen a few pics and they look pretty cute. :smile:

    By the way.. how much "bigger" is the Olivia versus the Skye? Olivia looks a lot bigger to me... This is a "new" brand for me... ask me about Chloe or Balenciaga, but I know nothing about Gryson. lol
  11. I love the Grey. I just bought a Grey Jasper. Looked at the Olivia. I tend to gavitate towards the "safe". But this color is great.
  12. I voted grey. Hot color.

  13. the woven looks great in the pics of Jessica Biehl on Forum...I haven't seen IRL...much more $ than the non-woven
    Olivia is much larger than Skye...I've gotten used to carrying large bags and Skye seemed tiny to me
  14. the woven is beautiful - I really wanted a Woven Blue Jean, but missed my chance :crybaby:
    I keep watching eBay, but I doubt I'll ever find one

    The Olivia is quite a bit larger than the Skye - are you familiar w/MJ? I'd say the Olivia vs Skye is like MJ's Stella vs the Sophia (talking ratio of size). Maybe not exactly, but you get the idea - the Olivia is a pretty good sized bag compared to the Skye. If you like larger bags and tend to carry more big bags than small, I'd definitely recommend the Olivia and not the Skye. Maybe once you have an Olivia, you'll want a Skye - that's what I want to do. I already have an Olivia bag & wouldn't mind adding a Skye to my collection, but my first Gryson had to be an Olivia.

    I have a Black Olivia & love the bag - it carries wonderfully. I usually like gray bags versus black ones, but for me, I don't like the contrast of black against the gray on the Gryson bags. The all black seems so "classic". I really like the Black Olivia. The brown is nice too - if you were debating black vs brown, that might be a harder choice (they're both so beautiful!), but of the two you listed, definitely black. Now if you're thinking about a woven bag, I would definitely do a color other than black. I think the colored bags have more dimension to them - the woven black looks too flat.
  15. I'm leaning towards different black bags on ebay... just not sure if all are authentic. They look good to me and most of the sellers have been good about getting back to me w/ questions. I think a few of them are tPF members too. Anyway, I'm loving that black...