Gryson Olivia at Bloomingdales for $223+tax

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  1. I walk away for this deal, and it was hard but just had too, I never seen a Gryson at Bloomingdales and there was the Olivia sitting on the counter all by herself and I picked her up and looked her over, she is a nice bag but I just can't do it! If anyone is interested she is at the Bloomingdales in Miami. The SA also told me there were 2 more in King of Prussia. Here is the store info for Miami:

    Miami, FL

    Store Address:
    The Falls Mall
    8778 SW 136th Street Miami, FL 33176

    Phone Number:

    Store Hours:
    Today's hours: 12:00PM - 7:00PM
    Tomorrow's hours: 10:00AM - 9:30PM
    [​IMG] See more store hours

    And she looks like this one at eluxury:
  2. Fab bag, someone grab it!
  3. a steal at $223!! :yes:wow!
  4. Wow! What a great price on a great bag!!
  5. I like this bag. Thanks for sharing the info. I will go to KOP Bloomingdales tomorrow after work. I hope the bag is still availabe then.
  6. Thanks for posting! This is a very good deal! What color is the bag?
  7. Wondering if you could use the $15 off $75 coupons they gave out during the private sale on this one. That would make the bag $208 and even less if they let you use 2 of them.
  8. What a great deal! hope a tpfer gets it!
  9. I just went to Bloomingdales at King of Prussia Mall in PA during lunch hour, but I didn't see any Gryson bags there. Probably they were gone already.