Gryson Nylon Bags-Color and Size-HELP!

  1. Hi-I still have not ordered my replacement Lexi because I cannot make a decision as to the smaller Skye or the larger Olivia. Seems I would be most happy with a size in between. And the color...which one? Has anybody ordered the Nude and are you happy with the color that you ordered yours in(for those who ordered replacement Lexis)? I went to Saks and they only had the Military on the floor and I have looked at plenty of pictures but I am still confused. I am liking the Military but I just can't commit.
    HELP! :confused1:
  2. I like the black and the silver.
  3. I got the Olivia but it was huge and I am 5'8, 150 lbs.... there was something wrong w/ it so now am getting the skye in silver. The girl that works at Gryson said it is the nicest one and even she will buy it.
  4. That's funny cause I pushed Wade for a recommendation and his favorites were the military and the navy.
  5. I got the silver-grey and really like it, although the navy and nude looked tempting as well - I think you can't really go wrong with any of the nylon colors.

    If you really like big bags I would say go for the Olivia, otherwise the Skye might be better for you.
  6. I have a Skye and the size is almost perfect. Just a touch bigger would be ideal! The Olivia seems humongous!
  7. I am carrying the HH Ana right now and the size is perfect for me based on how it looks by my side as well as how much I carry. From those of you who have purchased and carried either the Skye or Olivia, who is satisfied with their size choice and who wished thay had chosen the other? Of course, those not involved in the Lexi replacement who have purchased either nylon Gryson are welcomed to share their experiences as well. Thanks so much for your help. I need to decide by tomorrow!
  8. I got a Skye as a replacement and I think it's the perfect size. I'm 5'2 and I tried on the Olivia at Blommies and it was huge. I also really like the silver-grey
  9. I got a Skye as a replacement and I think it's the perfect size. I'm 5'2 and I tried on the Olivia at Blommies and it was huge. I also really like the silver-grey though all the colors are very pretty and I don't think you can go wrong.
  10. I carry my Ana every day and love it. I tried on the Skye and Olivia, and the Skye is just the right size for me; however, I hated the straps. It is very awkward to use as anything but a hand carried bag.
  11. OK-Thanks for all your suggestions. I am gonna go back and look at all the pics I can find in my last ditch effort to figure out Olivia or Skye and less importantly, the color. So now that many of you have had an opportunity to carry your new bags are you still happy with your size choices? And how about the shoulder straps on the Skye as mlinky has posted, are they a nuisance or usable? Once again, thanks for all your input!
  12. I have carried my Olivia the last couple days, and while it seems a tad big I think the Skye might have been a bit small.
    Had I seen the bags in person first, based only on my Olivia, I think I may have chosen the Skye instead - but having said that the size of the Olivia is actually really growing on me. I like to carry a water bottle with me, and I think it may not have fit with the rest of my junk in the Skye.
    The straps are a little bit awkward at first, but I think I have them worked out nicely now - it just takes a bit to get used to. Also, I have found that the hand-held straps do (just barely) fit over my shoulder, so I like that I have a lot of options when carrying this bag. Usually I am not a huge fan of having shoulder and handheld straps on a bag, but the snaps on the straps that run under the middle of the bag make it easy to keep the shoulder straps out of the way if I just want to use the handles.
    Good luck with your decision!