Gryson @ NR !

  1. I was at the NR at MetroPointe today (across from South Coast Plaza) and I spotted a Josey and Taylor--one black, the other navy for 184.95 or 199, I forget which. I bought a Skye for 199 after tax! and there was also an Elissa there, but I forgot the price...

    I feel like the gryson zippers are super tough to makes me have second thoughts on my Skye, although I love the way it looks. Anyone have any advice on what I should do to loosen up the pulls? Or does it become more smooth over time? I'm scared I'm going to break the zipper pull one day....
  2. how would one check to see if any-more joseys are available, i live in maine
  3. those grysons have actually been there for some time...glad u got the skye was it the blue/greenish one? i think thats been there for 2 weeks i passed on it because i have one in white and mushroom but its a great deal! I have to agree the zippers are hard to pull so the main compartment i just leave mine open enough so i can reach in and grab things but ive heard after time and using hem for a while they loosen up a bit! congrats on ur skye!
  4. You can call the NR in Costa Mesa and ask if they have any more. Here's the phone number-- [SIZE=-1](714) 751-5901[/SIZE]
  5. clear chapstick or beeswax on the zippers help smooth them out a bit
  6. yes it was the blue/greenish one! I'm sorta confused what color it says "Sky Blue" but when I look very closely, each side is a different color!! Should i return it?? Or should i keep it just because its such a good deal?? lol
  7. NR at Potomac Mills in VA has the Josey (that's the smaller saddle bag, right?) for 122 (189 and 35% off) one in black and one in the british tan color. Good luck!
  8. Has anyone seen any woven Grysons onsale?
  9. i bought a gryson skye in white/tan from the potomac mills store, they shipped it to me. there was tiny stain on it (probably from sitting around so long) and the dustbag was missing but other than that it was in good condition. it was just such a good deal that i decided to keep it.

    i used some clear chapstick on the zippers and spent half an hour pulling it back and forth to loosen it up... worked! :smile:
  10. awww! thanks for posting even though it appears to be snatched up! did anyone here get it? i called and they said they only had the jessie (which i already have) for $184. that Josey would have been awesome!:confused1::sad: