Gryson -next sale

  1. Hi
    So I'm lusting badly over ALL the gryson bags, but in particular the woven skye. I read they had a sale on their website back in october? do you think they will have another one soon? or does anyone have any info on where i can find a decent discount.
  2. I don't know if gryson will have any upcoming sales, but if you are loving the woven skye, eluxury has the indigo one (very pretty!) on sale from $995 to $699!! I love the color, but already have the black and cerise, and don't really need one more. Happy shopping!
  3. I half wonder if there ever will be another sale on the Gryson site after the last one caused them (and everyone involved) alot of grief. I sure wish they would. I could use a Woven tate in Rust.