Gryson Molly for $369! Josey for $470!

  1. The Molly is gone! That was quick! Someone got a great deal. :yes:
  2. i love this site! ~ thx ~
  3. cute site.
  4. The Molly is back! Maybe someone had it in a shopping cart and finally dumped their cart. I've had that happen at Shopbop before.
  5. I got a Molly for $169 at Nordstrom Rack.
  6. I just saw a Molly in the Brea Nordstrom Rack and it was for $169. There were also 2 Jesse there too (maybe for $184, not 100% sure).

  7. Me, too! Me, too! Great score!!!:yahoo:
  8. So JNH14, you got the Molly right? I decided not to cuz I thought the handle did not drop that far down therefore it could only be carried.
  9. Wow, $169 that's a great price I wish it were that low here if would be gone in an instant if it were.
  10. Holy cow! :wtf:

    $169 for a Gryson???

    You American girls are so lucky with the deals.
    I'm very jealous. :rolleyes:

  11. Yes, I did get the Molly, but it's not here yet. They were supposed to send it out on Friday, 8/3.
  12. Please someone buy that Josie before I break down and do it! I love that bag in the green color.
  13. The Molly has a long enough handle to be carried over your shoulder. I've seen them in person and it's def. a shoulder bag as well as a hand held bag.
  14. I just saw that they lowered the prices again on the Grysons!