Gryson lovers please beware of fakes on ebay and beyond

  1. Note to anyone tempted to move this thread to the eBay forum--I'm posting this under handbags & purses because it addresses a brand rather than a specific eBay issue and I hope that people who are interested in/discussing the brand see this heads up. :smile:

    I've checked eBay for Gryson bags from time to time and have noticed a big increase in the number of bags (Skye, Olivia and Rachel) offered in the last 3-4 weeks. I usually stick to smaller brands (as Gryson for the moment is) on ebay because my logic has been that they're less likely to attract counterfeiters. Well, a couple days ago I was doing a bit o' google research on Chloe bag styles and clicked on a link to the bag addiction. I quickly hit the back key, as that site is a counterfeiting company out of asia, but before the page changed my eye caught that one of the brands available on the site was Gryson!!!

    The category for Gryson on Bag Addiction - Designer Handbags & Accessories (you can see it on the left hand side) is all sold out. Mmmm, so who bought them? I took a closer look at the ebay listings and a lot of them say buried in the listing detail that the seller does not have receipts for the bag so if that bothers you or if you plan to challenge authenticity don't bid, yada, yada. (It's not necessarily a bad thing if the seller doesn't have a receipt but it's weird to call it out.) Also, many of them are private listings (where the bidders are kept hidden). Private listings aren't in and of themselves a bad thing but they do keep winning bidders from checking with each other if they have concerns and they want to sanity check with someone else who bought the brand from the same seller. Some of the sellers are doing the one day listing no reserve tactic that's a favorite of sellers who want to move fake goods fast. None of these tactics/tools are individually bad, but they add up to an iffy set of recent auctions. Finally, even though these Gryson sellers are in different locations, they're all also offering the Miu Miu coffer, which is a favorite of counterfeiters.

    There are a couple reputable sellers who have Gryson listings and they had the Gryson bags long before this recent wave. I can't mention ebay sellers by name on this forum, but if you look at the sellers' other bags you can get a sense that the seller looks legit.

    Bottom line is that there are now almost surely fake Gryson bags out in the marketplace and the most lucrative place for them to be sold would be on ebay, though they could be other places too.

    Just thought I'd share this heads up...
  2. Eesh, thanks! I was looking at these on ebay just the other day. Thought some of the prices looked too good to be true.
  3. i'm not surprised at all. when you think there are no fakes out there for a particular brand cause it's as popular as let's say LV, they are out there. there are fakes for everything. guess it's b/c it's cheap to make, so might as well make everything fake. someone would like it and buy it. i think that's their mentality. makes me not trust a lot a lot of sites.
  4. Good Gut adoptastray! I was doing a google search on Gryson the other day and found a site (not ebay) selling the Gryson Rachel for $240.00! This bag retails for over $900, so up went my antennae. After clicking around on the site I found the disclaimer page saying that the offerings on the site are not authentic, but it took some digging to find that info. I imagine the ebay sellers you mention are getting their bags from this or a similar source. If it looks too good to be true it probably is!
  5. Thanks romeolady!! It's such a bummer that even small brands are counterfeited...
  6. Thanks for the info, I'd been looking at gryson bags on ebay and thought that prices had really come down. Now I know why. I usually study ioffer to see what fakes are out there so that I can be aware, but I had just assumed that newer smaller brands weren't being faked too much- wrong, wrong, wrong. I had also been thinking about Alexander McQueen's crochet novak bag, but that's also being faked! So you have saved me money and heartache.
  7. I had assumed the same thing about smaller brands!