gryson leather tote, heavy?

  1. never bought this brand b4. wonder if their leather tote is heavy. anyone? Thanks!
  2. Well, they're not the most heavy of the bags I have, but they are pretty hefty. But it's not painful to carry! They're great bags. The leather is so durable and almost gets better with age. I'm sure you'll love it!
  3. Which particular tote are you thinking of?
  4. I've got the Tutu Tote and it's not heavy at all. Actually my Woven Skye is much heavier. The Sophie and Lexi are also very lightweight. Like Purseinsanity says, they aren't the heaviest bags but it depends on which you are looking at. The Olivia's and Jaspers are hefty and the Woven bags really heavy.
  5. some are really heavy
  6. I have the Heidi tote and certainly wouldn't call it light. Between the leather, suede lining, and hardware, it can be a bit hefty. But i only lug it from my apartment to the car to the office and back again, so it isn't bad. I love the size and look so the weight isn't a problem for me.
  7. The Olivia is heavy with the suede lining, but I find that with the shoulder straps, it's so comfortable - somehow the way it's constructed makes them never slip off and make the bag feel infinitely lighter.

    The woven arm handles sometimes seem a little weak like they won't be able to support the weight of the bag - and I've heard people complain that their handles broke or unraveled...
  8. ^REALLY??? broken and unwoven handles i would DIE! does gryson fix them
    :sad: o no now im nervous for my olivias arrival
  9. I saw a thread somewhere (I think another website) about braided handles breaking, but I think they said it was in earlier runs and they have since changed the manufacturing method. Also, I love the pics of your kitties!!
  10. hehe thanks cindy! :smile: kitties love the camera
    i havent updated their pictures in ages i need to!

    my gryson olivia just arrived today, def wouldnt say its too heavy
    i mean its not like weightless but i feel like any big bag with hardware would be WAAAY heavier!
  11. I've noticed that too about the shoulder straps...don't use them all the time but something about the way they sit make the bag seem lighter.
  12. It's so great to read that others are having the exact same experience with their Olivias, as I am with mine. It sits so beautifully on the shoulder... the straps never slip off. The weight of the bag really does not seem noticeable to me because the bag just snuggles right in there like it's a part of me. As for the braided handles unraveling, Gryson has amazing customer service, if anything were to happen to your bag they are great to deal with!