Gryson Laura in Lavender

  1. Well, I called the contact number in NYC for Gryson and told the very, VERY nice lady who answered that "my life will end soon if I don't get a Gryson Laura in Lavender." She chuckled and told me that the orders from Neiman's get shipped first once the season starts. Soooo, I placed my order online. I can't wait until it arrives! In my imagination, it's the perfect size between the Molly and Moni (both of which I currently own and love). Anyone else eagerly awaiting this bag?
  2. Picture? And does Neiman's have a web site?
  3. I love Gryson!
  4. Duh, I suppose that would be Neiman-Marcus, right? LONG day, what can I say...
  5. Ooo, it's pretty! The picture on the website looks brown though, doesn't it? I expected a light lavender. Still, it's gorgeous. Please post pics when you get it!