Gryson launches line for Target in 2008!

  1. Oooh, I can't wait to see it!
  2. Interesting but I wonder how they can take such a fabulous bag such as Gryson and be able to cheapen it down while still keeping the beauty that Gryson is known for intact? It'll be interesting though to see the final product! :smile:
  3. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait for this!

    Looks like from the article that the press will get a peek on Dec 12. That'll probably mean the magazines will have info for us in how the line looks by mid-December!

    What do you guys reckon the line will look like?
  4. How awesome! Now everyone will be able to afford a Gryson! :tup:
  5. i wonder what this will be like! i am sure they wont be able to use the same suede linings and high quality leathers used on regular grysons
    and im sure they will be made in china not italy as import costs are going up and up
    but i cant wait to see :smile:
  6. Who wants to take a crack at guessing what the bags will look like? I bet they will be the Skye/Olivia style in a cheaper nylon with faux leather handles/trim.
  7. do any bags @ taget have real leather? could they just be a cheaper leather ?

    i am sure they will be the skye/olivia styles since thats what they are best known for
  8. im pretty sure most designers that team up with tarket do not use any kind of leather.
    On another note though I cant wait to see what this collection will look like!!
  9. It's nice when designers do this so more people can afford it. Then again, it sucks when I've spent $1000 on a bag that everyone else will be carrying around for $30 and will think I got mine at Target too!
  10. I agree...I'd hope they come up with new designs for Target and not cheaper versions on Olivia, etc.
  11. that is a good pt,,,
  12. I still think it is a good thing. People at every price point will be able to afford a well designed handbag (even if not made with the exact same leather/craftsmanship). Also, the better known Gryson becomes, our bags will be even more coveted :graucho:
  13. I've never seen Target designer bags made of leather - I don't understand why not. Target carries leather bags, so I don't get why they can't make at least 1 or 2 of the designer bags in leather and still offer non-leather bags at a lower price. I think if they made a couple of bags in leather, that people would pay the slightly higher price. I also think that they should add sleepers to their designer bags - Just for a little extra "something".

    Even the designer shoes aren't made of leather - the Hollywould shoes have leather soles, but the uppers are all manmade materials. And the new shoes by Loeffler Randal (due out at the end of the month) are all made of vinyl.

    I have a feeling that the Gryson bags will be different designs - not the Olivia and/or Skye in cheaper materials. I don't think any of the other designers (except for Devi Kroell) made bags that looked like their higher priced bags, did they?
  14. you got that right! carrying a nice bag is due to the fact that i work hard for my money - i personally cant stand designers that do this - they are sell outs. it cheapens their product. dont see much difference between that and a knock off. dont mean to sound snobby but buying a nice bag is a reward for hard work.