Gryson, kate spade up on NM Last Call

  1. Wow are so sweet. I've been checking that site all evening wondering what was up. I thought maybe they were getting ready to put up the mother load of all mother loads. (wishful thinking, LOL)
  2. The items are showing up as not available...too bad.
  3. Ditto! I have been thinking the same thing all night...constantly refreshing the page, as if I have nothing else to do (yeh, right...) Thanks so much for posting this link. Let's hope for some highly desirable bags, dirt cheap!
  4. Wow Armaiti are you a sneaky sneaky gal or what?! TY for the link - it is now bookmarked here too! :biggrin:
  5. Gotta be fast......keep looking!
  6. Wow, Bulga tote for $166 is a STEAL! I really, really want that Be & D Bond, but I'm on a ban right now.
  7. Do you think we have a problem? tee hee :nuts:......
  8. Naw, nothing that can't be cured (for the short term) with another gorgeous "gotta have" bag.
  9. Thanks! I ordered the Bulga bag but we will see if they really do end up having it. I have had my order from Neiman Marcus canceled quite a few times :sad:
  10. That looks like a nice classic bag at a great price. Hope it goes thru without a problem.
  11. OK! I'll go back and see if anything I *need* pops up, thanks!!
  12. So nice of you, thanks!
  13. This Gryson just popped up:;jsessionid=FEIK0EAMCQZSACQAAKGRABY?itemId=prod30580048&parentId=cat14220742&masterId=cat12110736&index=2&cmCat=cat000000cat980731cat8840736cat12110736cat14220742

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  14. Picked up the Be & D Stella. What a steal!