Gryson Josie 1/2 price!

  1. The Gryson Josie saddle bag is usually $950, on sale for $532 (final discount is taken after you add it to your cart) at Eluxury!!! Wow, wish I had the $$ but I already spent all my Christmas money. I am dying to try a Gryson. This one looks really nice.


    Skye is also 1/2 price!!! away my credit cards!!!
  2. Ahh thanks for posting!! I LOVE the josie! So tempted now...
  3. sold out! :sad:
    well i guess that made the decision for me!
  4. Wow, that was fast. They're both gone now! $$%#^!## Should have got them and sold them on eBay!!!

  5. That's a pretty good deal!