Gryson Jasper quick help!

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  1. Bagshop is having the woven Gryson jasper at a ridiculously good price. :drool: I think I'll take the plunge. However, just to rein in my sanity, can people give me some quick comments about the Jasper? How's the size compare to Olivia and such.

    And for the sake of comparison, say, can you fit a copy of the fashion issus Vogue in it? How much room is there afterwards. (It looks a bit elongated once the side flaps are snapped together ...) I want it as a "work" bag. So it'd be nice if I can throw in a few magazines and/or a dayplanner.
  2. It's HUGE!! It's more like a duffle bag than purse! Lexie had posted pictures of hers awhile back, if you need some reference.
  3. It is duffle sized...and quite heavy. If you fill it up too much you'll need a second person to help you carry it :smile: As far as a magazine, yes, but probably rolled. Remember this bag is only 8 inches tall so it big but not deep. Absolutely gorgeous bag. I mean seriously gorgeous (To me anyway) but it may be a liability if you have a bad back like myself. Here is the bag on my Husband.
  4. Thanks for the pictures. You're right, it looks a bit big and cumbersome (I guess the weave adds a lot of weight ... it's pretty much two-ply leather plus the suede lining, right). The height bothers me a bit because I want to be able to fit some magazines and use it for work. But then with the weight, I probably can't really use it daily then.

    But it's so frickin' BEAUTIFUL!! And bagshop is selling the woven version for $649! That's so tempting ...
  5. I have a woven Jasper and absolutely love it (actually, wore it yestarday and today). It's heavy but as Lexie said, not very roomy, so you won't make it much havier.
    I carry my bags mostly between home, car and office so the weight is OK, but if you live in city and walk a lot, it might be a problem.