1. Oh How I am in Love, and this time I mean real real love, not infatuation lust love :love:.
    Got my Gryson TuTu today and the bag is perfection. Muted Red accented by shiny patent leather pockets and straps. Detachable shoulder strap in patent too. The bag is quality through and through and so classy looking. it's the most I ever paid for a bag...and I am "okay" with it. This bag is everything I wanted it to be. I bet the black and Military and Brown are equally as gorgeous.



  2. LOVE it!! Very cute. Could you post modeling pics to get an idea of the size?
  3. wow Lexie, that red patent leather is gorgeous. And that little patent tag!

    Every picture I see of this bag makes it look slightly different, but I think I'll trust your photos over Neiman's, where the bag looks more slouchy.
  4. Congrats! It looks gorgeous!
  5. That is one gorgeous bag! The patent is just stunning.
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. The bag is stuffed but all in all it's a form fitted squared off bag. The top may slouch in some but it's not a "melt into a puddle" bag. It's very structured.
    It's medium sized so the squared shape isn't intimidating. It's about 14 long and 10 high.
  8. Glad to hear that you love the Tutu, Lexie! Great job on the photos - you managed to get the color just right (something that I can't seem to do :s).
  9. I'm really stsrting to like this line....congrats!
  10. Whoa, that is gorgeous! Love the color, love the style, love the patent/non-patent combination! Enjoy bringing this lovely out!
  11. That is a fabulous bag!! The color is great for fall and I love how structured it is!

    Good find...CONGRATS!!
  12. Your new bag is stunning! I love the color and the shape of it.
  13. It's gorgeous Lexie! Congrats! :party:

    I like the 2 shades or red together... gives it a neat vibe!
  14. Just wanted to make note that when I took all the stuffing out it does have a little laxness to it. The sides may dip a little and the top dips in some that gives it that slightly slouchy appearance seen in some photos. In my photos above I realize the dustbag at the top inside bag is giving the top an almost rounded appearance which is false.
    Oh I do love this bag....Glad I sent that Chloe back to Bluefly.
  15. LOVE the red patent!