Gryson interior question

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering whether someone who owns the Gryson Skye in Chocolate can post pictures of the interior? I'm interested in bidding on one (since I can't seem to find that color anywhere), but not sure what it looks like. On a secondary note, do you guys think that this bag has been replicated? I'm just trying to figure out if the one I'm eyeing is authentic or not.

    THANK YOU! :smile:
  2. SuLi

    I have the Gryson Skye in Military. My sister has the chocolate. The interior color is the same. Kind of a mushroomy moss green suede. The reason I mention that it is the same as the military is that has a picture posted of the interior of a military Skye. Whew! Hope you could follow that! Did you see the new Holiday colors? I went crazy for the cerise.

    As far as knock-offs go, I would think that would be very speedy indeed to have replicas at this point, since this is a brand new line.
  3. Thank you for the information! I appreciate it!
  4. I can't imagine the faked them so soon...but who knows. Here's mine. I am absolutely crazy about this bag. My lighting is a little off but the inside is a tanish-mushroom like- moss green shade like Romeolady said. I raved about this bags lining in another thread. Truly quality INSIDE and out.

    gryson inside.JPG
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