gryson help!

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  1. i bought a gryson bag today, my very first...the leather is beautiful the bag seems to have what i need...(this is only my 6th bag that i'm trying to decide whether or not to keep)...bloomingdales had this same bag with two colors, but i just got it in has thin, double shoulder straps and braided handheld straps..has a pocket in the front and a double zipper at the top...i looked on the site and couldn't find it just came in for fall i guess...anyone own and love their grysons? how well do they wear? would love some feedback, but this one appears to be a keeper!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. I LOVE Gryson. I have two of their bags. It sounds like you got the Skye bag or the Olivia bag. The Skye is a medium size bag and the Olivia is the larger version. Rarechic ( is having a great sale on them right now. The best part about Gryson leather is that it looks better with wear.
  3. I have a Gryson Olivia bag that I bought second-hand. It's actually one of the very first bags that were produced. The leather on the bag is just heavenly. Even though the bag is about a year old, it still looks brand new, and the leather has only gotten softer with age & use. The lining is just scrumptious and it still has that wonderful leather smell!!!

    The bag carries extremely well - either by the braided handles or the longer shoulder strap. If you have the Olivia bag (which is the larger of the two), it can hold A LOT!

    These are pics of my Olivia (sorry, the lighting wasn't all that great)
    1.JPG 2.JPG 5.JPG
  4. I purchased my first Gryson from Revolve Clothing a couple of weeks ago. Used the 30% off first customer code and got a Josey sadle in brown (Gryson calls it "grey") for $334. I love the leather. It's so... soft. I'm now looking for a good deal on the Tate.
  5. I have a Tate (which my husband calls my backpack) but I adore it and a Skye. I sold my Chocolate one so I could buy a woven one. There isn't anyhting I don't like abouyt this bag except the dangling metal logo plate (which I remove) and how the buckles can hinder easy zipping sometimes.
    Gryson's are quality through and through.
    Where did you buy yours and is it an Olivia or Skye? Here's my new Baby...



  6. I have a Skye in Grey that I hate. I think the straps are annoying and although they are removable, it looks stupid with just the buckle and the zippers seem very stiff. I am not impressed with the leather either. I know I'm in the minority here.
  7. does anyone here think that Gryson bags are heavy? thinking about one, but every time I pick one up they seem to weigh a lot.
  8. I have a Skye in Chocolate. Yes, I find the bag heavy and the zippers are a bit of a pain to get into due to the placement of the straps/buckles. But ... I also find it a very cool looking bag. Not too trendy or logo splashed. The leather is thick and smooshy and does wear well. I just wish it was lighter.
  9. I rarely use the shoulder straps so that helps because it does interfere with the zippers. My zippers were stiff in the beginning but with use they glide easily now. I rubbed some clear unscented chap stick along the teeth to help. I don't find them heavy but I am used to larger heavier bags. The Woven is definitely heavier than the plain leather ones. I love the fact you can open them up and make them bigger.
  10. Gryson bags can be heavy but if you remove the metal ID tags it makes a big difference. Plus, you never even notice that their gone.
  11. OH, and I checked Rarechic again today and although they seem to have sold out of most of their sale bags there are some more that they just marked down. Plus, you can always use a 20% coupon code (Rare20) to get more of a "sale price".
  12. It seems Gryson bags are hit or miss. Unfortunately, the one I bought (Ada) is a big big miss. Aside from the lovely burgundy color and nice, thick quality leather, it has a horrible heavy buckle thingy that limits access to the interior. I don't think Gryson makes this model anymore. So just be thankful you did not purchase this particular style!
  13. double post
  14. whoops, it's "Ava" not "Ada."
  15. After reading this post, I'll have to take out my Tate (in camel) and break it in! I was also feeling that it's heavy and the zippers a bit awkward but it sounds like I'll have to use it to soften it up. It is a very cool looking bag after all. :supacool: