Gryson Heidi in White

  1. Hi,

    Does anybody own this bag? I know that there was an influx of this style at NR and they were also on sale at NM and a couple of tPFers bought this... I have one on hold and was hoping to get some opinion from those who have it? Is it comfortable to carry? Is the white leather prone to dirt? (might seem silly because it's white but you know what I mean with certain leathers being tougher than others...)

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  3. I thought I wanted one, but then I saw it in person. It is HEAVY and clunky. Like carrying a suitcase. Even for a tote, I found it heavy and clunky. Have you seen it IRL? If not, look before you leap.
  4. it's so heavy. i bought one just to test it around the house but i bet it'll go back
  5. I have one and i love it...great leather that gets softer with of my favorite brands!
  6. I've gotta agree with TropicalGal here. It looked so nice on the NM website, but when I got it...ugh, such disappointment. It was too big and structured and heavy to be carried on your shoulder. It just looked really awkward. I also thought the white was too white, if that makes any sense. And no offense, but I don't know how the original retail was for almost $1000. I have less expensive bags that have nicer leather.
  7. By the way, I think this bag will be/or is already discontinued. For all reasons cited above. Be careful with the Grysons read about my disappointment in the design of the Gryson Josey... Look, I love them as much as you do, but they are too expensive to have these obvious design mistakes!
  8. Thanks so much, girls! It does look very structured and though some structure is nice, I prefer my bags to be a little bit softer, it makes them easier to carry. I just got my Hayden Harnett Havana in chalk ($80!) and the leather is soft and slouchy so I agree on some lesser-priced bags (in my case, practically free!) having better leather!

    And I thought so it might be heavy-- I have a Mulberry Bayswater and had (I sold it) a Kooba Ada and both these bags left me with shoulder marks and this is not something I'd like to subject myself to again with a purchase of another heavy bag.

    Thanks again!