Gryson Heidi @ $348

  1. Legibet, I don't own this bag but have seen it before. It is a large and heavy bag but do definitely serve the purpose if you're going to use it for work. You might want to do a search on past postings cuz I definitely do remember reading comments from other tpfers on this bag. Good luck!

  2. It is a SUPER heavy bag because of the metal hook closure. I bought it at NR for $199 a few months ago and it's still sitting around with the tags attached because I haven't decided whether to use or return. Without anything in it except tissue paper stuffing, it is HEAVY. I can't even imagine the damage to my shoulders should I add a laptop. However, I haven't been able to bring myself to return it because I got such a ridiculous deal on it.

    Also, make sure to examine your bag because the zipper that closes the top of the bag is fragile (poorly designed or manufactured) and can easily separate from each other.