Gryson Hardware (Rivets) Question

  1. What color are the newer rivets? Silver or Antique Brass? I'm looking at a few eBay auctions and I can't quite figure it out. Someone help? :smile:
  2. It depends on what group you are talking about. What style bag? Some are light gold and some are silver.
  3. My black Elissa from the Fall 07 collection has light gold hardware.
  4. Oh.. I'm talking about the Olivia bag (not nylon or woven), just the plain old leather....
  5. My Fall 07 Black Olivia in leather has light gold hardware. HTH!
  6. Do you like it w/ the brass? :smile:
  7. I do, it's not "brassy" at all. It's a very pale gold, beautiful color, goes with silver or gold accessories. I would have preferred silver, but I don't mind the light gold at all.