Gryson Handbag-Quality question?

  1. I am heading to NYC next weekend and the only thing on my to do list is to get a new spring bag. I have been checking out websites and saw the Gryson Olivia handbag on bergdorf's 5F section...but I was reading on another site that people are having problems with the handles falling off and the braiding on the handle unraveling. Does anyone have any info on this? Also saw a cute Tory Burch bag on the site too. I've got about $1000 to spend...any suggestions on what to get for spring?

    Goyard Crossiere 35 with stripes and my initials
    YSL Tote
    Shalon 360 Bag
    Chloe Edith in canvas and leather
  2. I go to Bergdorf's about twice a month (I get my hair done there once a month and my other trips is for "necessities") and I have to say that I never liked the Gryson bags they carry.

    To my, they seem like a bag I could find at Banana Republic. I don't think it's worth the money. There is nothing that really stands out about it.

    Therefore, in my opinion, I would definitely get a YSL bag. Personally I am dying to get a large Muse. I also love the Chloe Paddington bags.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I saw a YSL beautiful tote- can't remember if it was at Bergdorf's or Saks...a buttery dark cream- with stitching in a Y design on the friend has the paddington and says it is really heavy.
    Any other ideas for where to go for a great bag in NYC--my ultimate dream would be to find something really unique in consignment or at a little boutique. I was also toying around with getting a Goyard, but I'm sure they are waitlisted at Barney's and BG

    Here is the link to the YSL bag- it's sage color-
    Yves Saint Laurent - Double Small Leather Tote -
  4. I just got a Gryson Olivia in chocolate brown and I really love it. The suede lining is awesome. I can't really comment much on the quality though since it is so new. I did some internet searching and from what I could find it seems that the company was pretty responsive about the handle issue and did repairs; hopefully the bags produced more recently won't have the issue. I think it is a really nice bag for the $, especially since I got mine with a coupon code (toutie at Active Endeavors) so it was discounted.
  5. Thanks. But wow! I just looked on the site and I had no idea how big those bags are! I'm 5 feet tall and I'm afraid that bag might eat me alive.
  6. I love my Olivia and carry it almost daily. It's my favorite bag, no problems. Use the search feature on this board to find more Gryson threads.
  7. I am 5"4 and the Gryson looks reasonable on me, but I do think if you are much smaller it may look too big. You may want to do a google search for Sophia Bush carrying the Gryson Olivia--she is relatively short about 5'2 so that may give you a good idea of how it would look.
  8. I have no problems with my 2 Grysons. Sturdy heavy zippers and a wonderful interior that is as good as the outside practically. My woven handles are fine although I've only had my Tate bag a few weeks but I've had the Skye for 6 months or so and use it alot. Plus, I never use the straps so if the woven handles were going to be a problem I would think it would have started since they are being constantly held and tugged on. I think Gryson's have some superior quality going on with them. I never for a minute doubted my purchases.