Gryson for Target?

  1. Anyone have a guesstimate on when those Gryson for Target bags will be available??? DH just gave me his "reward card" from work--a g/c to Target! wOOt!
  2. found a pic of the gryson for target YAYYYYY
  3. YAY!!!! I cant wait till they hit stores!!!
  4. I like the shape of the white bag, but the 'leather' looks real plastic-y.
  5. AAHHHh Seahorsestripes, you are the best!! I've been craving to see a peek of the collection for the longest time! I'm hoping the leather is at least decent, and not made by the really disappointing leather Target has been using for other designer collections. That would be a dealbreaker for me, and I really want to nab myself one of these babies!

    Btw, wouldn't it be awesome for them to make some in nylon for this collaboration?
  6. What mag is that from? SO exciting!!!
  7. I'm excited to see them hit the stores!!! I hope they're really nice.
  8. I want that pouch! :nuts: I've been waiting for a pretty cross body pouch without a coach logo all over it (nothing against coach, just not a logo fan).

  9. for the pricepoint, (and with the track history of guest handbag designers for target) i highly doubt these are leather....they're most likely PVC/vinyl:yucky:
  10. I am gonna go with PVC/Vinyl. I have a bright baby blue rafe bag from target I have gotten a lot of use out of it. but it's the rain day going places not suitable for good handbag. (theme parks, the like)

    The only bag that i have from target that I completly and utterly covet. Is my paul and Joe Owl bag. It so fun and cute
  11. The white bag is cute, I will have to check it out in real life. I didn't realize Gryson used to design for Marc Jacobs.
  12. I am looking forward to seeing these bags in person.
  13. I would go with the PVC, just look at the prices of the bag.

    I might pick one up when they go on sale.
  14. I believe that Gryson shows up at Target in April.......
  15. I don't doubt that they'll use PVC, but I just hope they use one that doesn't feel rubbery to the touch (like one of the Loeffler Randall ones).