Gryson experts- need advice!

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  1. I'm craving a Gryson in camel with the dark brown trim. Either the Skye or the Olivia. With Active Endeavours' 20% off, the Olivia is actually less expensive than the Skye from Nieman Marcus with our 8.25% Texas sales tax. The concern is size. I'm 5'5" and long waisted, so I think I can carry the Olivia with no problem. But I have a similar-sized bag in the Hayden-Harnett Hudson satchel. Would it be overkill to get the Olivia, too? Should I bite the bullet and go for the Skye at a higher price? Or does anyone know where the camel Skye's on sale?

    Thanks for your help! :shrugs:
  2. I can't help you with finding the camel skye on sale. But I will say that I just got it for myself and I love it death. The color combo is just perfect.

    I found the Olivia to be too large for me. I realized I would just cram too much into it. And the Skye is surprisingly roomy.

    I don't think it would be overkill to have two similarly sized bags if they're different styles and colors. But, if you think you'd like the size of the Skye better, go ahead and spend the extra on it. If you think you'd carry it more than the Olivia, it's worth the extra.
  3. I lovelovelove my Olivia. One of the best things about this bag is that it looks good empty or full, sitting on my desk or being carried. It just never looks bad or shapeless! Another thing is, that it is light weight. I don't find it too big at all, in fact, it's kind of a tight squeeze putting my 8.5x11" notebook into it.
    Another thing I really like is the suede lining (over the entire interior, every pouch and pocket) makes the inside just as good as the outside. The lining is meticulously stitched down as well, not flapping loosely like some other brands in this price range. Another thing is the heavy, sturdy zippers, that never stick... they glide quietly along and are sewn into stiffer reinforced leather, that lies miraculously flat against the soft leather on the body of the bag.
    I've had this bag for a little over a week and I'm totally in love with it... can you tell? I don't even yearn for other bags anymore (yikes!!). I've never liked a bag this much. Even my coworkers have fallen for it.
  4. Thanks, Lexie! I really think the Skye in camel would fill a size/style niche in my collection.
  5. On the other hand, the HH Hudson satchel isn't overwhelming .... And it's 17 X 10 X 5. Why are decisions so hard???

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  6. I'm your height exactly and also am long-waisted. I'll just throw this out, fwiw. I got the Skye (white w/ brown trim) and it "seems" a little smaller when it's on my shoulder than the measurements indicate. I'm sorta wishing I had gotten the Olivia because the Skye is smaller-looking than I am used to. That's just me, though, and I'm saying that as something to just add to the mix in your thinking.

    Also, I have a HH bag that is about the size you described having, and the style of that versus the Gryson is just not a consideration. How lucky is it (and strange ??) that the Olivia is less than the Skye when the Olivia is about $200 more in most department stores.

    Maybe GrysonGirl can throw some light on that.
  7. Billysmom, i am 5'5" as well and do not find the Olivia at all overwhelming. I happen to use my Skye bags when i go out at night or on the weekends whereas i use the Olivia during the week. Because the camel is a new color, and a color that is going forward into the spring, the only way you are going to find a discount on it is by using a website discount code. Anyone selling on ebay is not an authorized dealer, and therefore we cannot verify authenticity. I would go with Active Endeavors if you decide on the Olivia, i think it is the smartest way to go. there are other websites that carry the bags as well, i don't know if they offer any discount codes, though.
  8. hmm. after looking at them both, i see your challenge...but i'd go with the olivia. my reason: if i feel a bag is too small on me, i won't carry it. if i feel a bag is too big on me, i will still carry it.

    actually, if it were me, i'd order the olivia first, since i think you're leaning that way. if you get it and feel it's too big, send it back & get the skye.

    remember too that the models on activeendeavors tend to be uber-petite....i've purchased bags & been amazed at how different they looked on me than on their models (despite my looking JUST like a :roflmfao: ) but i digress....

    let us know what you end up with! and post pics...i'm dying to see some pics of tPF members wearing grysons!
  9. Sorry to add more confusion to the mix, but wanted to add my 2 cents b/c I made the same decision a few months ago. I bought both an Olivia and a Skye and ended up returning the Olivia because it was too large. I feel the Skye is the perfect size for me, (I'm 5'10"/med. frame) but I really think it depends on what your needs and preferences are. When I bought my Gryson, I needed an everyday bag for weekends and shopping as opposed to a big, work carryall type bag. When I took the Olivia out of the packing box I was literally shocked at how large it was. I think the size comes more from it's volume than it's height and width measurements. You can have a large tote that's relatively flat, but the Olivia kind of balloons out - almost like a (very chic) duffle bag! You would have to put a lot of stuff in there to make it look full like it does on the Active Endeavors site. Since it has the same structure, the Skye is also deceptively large. I've found that I can fit quite a bit of stuff in there (MJ zip clutch, lg. sunglasses case, book, ipod, makeup case, keys, etc fit in just fine). Just think about when/where you see yourself wearing the bag and that should help you decide. Either way, they are both lovely bags that you will be very happy with. :yes: