Gryson Elissa Bag $189

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  1. has the Gryson Elissa Bag on sale for $189, which retails for $525:yahoo:I couldnt find a promo code for the site so if anyone knows one please share.

  2. Beautiful bag but it's alittle on the smaller side for me as it measures 10" wide, 5" high and 3" deep. It's only in black. Would be a great buy @ $189.00 for someone! Thanks so much for posting!
  3. You're welcome. It being kinda small was one of my concerns. I hope it's not too small. If so, I could always sell it on eBay. They also have one in white too.
  4. hmmmm 10 by 5 inches...can that fit my stuff? it's so cute though and so cheap! ahh tempted...tempted...tempted!! btw, i don't recall ever seeing any coupon codes for otte. it's actually a brick and mortar store, but a small one at that, so i don't know if they do coupon codes very often.
  5. I ordered one in Black and should have it Monday. They still have a white one and only 10.00 shipping.

    I have the Skye bag so I wanted this one for just "an essentials" bag while shopping, etc. The Price was too incredable to turn down.

    Thanks for the Heads up. The store sent me like 5 "personal" messages so they have good service. Thye at first wrote me and told me they had a computer inventory problem and they were out of black and encouraged me to buy the white. I said no Thanks. then later that day they wrote back saying they found they did have a black one and was it okay to send. They seemed very nice and genuine...although probably foreign as the grammar and word structure was quite off in emails.