Gryson Compliments - you, too?


Nov 24, 2006
Since I received my Olivia (camel with chocolate trim) last week, I've received more compliments than on any other bag I own! The SA at the NM sale table was drooling over it (our store does not stock Gryson). Many people have asked me in line at the grocery store what it was. It sits on my credenza in my office and almost everyone who comes in has something to say about it. Everybody wants to squeeze it.

And, as I posted in another thread, even Billy M'Caw (our parrot) approves!

Have any of you other Gryson lovers had similar experiences?
I'm carrying my Skye right now and it is always an attention grabber at work. Even men mention it. And now I am expecting my Tate in Camel. My hubby saw it online and said how it was a real nice looking bag. Active Endeavors had it for 800 and the toutie code took off 160 so how could I resist. I wish I could have found it on sale somewhere though.
I bought the bag now realizing the Spring line will bring BIG price increases to the increasing Popularity of Gryson. A person I know who has info on the Spring line says the prices on some are well over 1000.
Don't know how much the regular Skyes will go up. Some I'm sure but they have a new quilted leather and they are the prices that made me wince. I decided I was happy enough with this years Leather and went with the Tate knowing I would probably pay more next year.
This year's leather is all I could wish for - can't imagine anything better. Quilting doesn't push my buttons, anyway. Good thing, too, 'cause I really really really want a Balenciaga City!:drool:
BillysMom...get yourself a Balenciaga. I LOVE Gryson but it can wait. If you don't have a B-bag get one first. It's a one of a kind bag. And I betcha you could find some older seasons Gryson's next year on some sales.
The City is a lot like your HH Hudson, but comes in so many lovely colors! Mine is bubblegum pink, and I can't wait for spring so I can wear it more.

:back2topic: ...your Gryson Olivia is gorgeous, but it looks enormous. Is it heavy?
The Olivia's actually very light. Almost featherweight. What weighs it down is the camera, Blackberry, pager, big wallet, umbrella, reading material, etc that I dump into it every morning!
Billysmom, I know what you mean about your Gryson attracting attention. I have a Gryson Skye in Cerise, and in Military. You know a design screams quality when a total stranger asks you what it is. I think bag lovers are confused (and driven to ask) when their eye catches a quality bag but they can't identify the designer. Gryson is so new to the scene that I think most girls still aren't accquainted with it. My Grysons have have been attention magnets! It's pretty cool to have a bag (two for me!) from her premiere season. I can't wait to see the spring line!
I saw some pics of the Gryson Spring Line and they have a TDF Woven line. Absolutely wild and I think it will really increase their popularity. I am thrilled with my two. I just got my Tate yesterday and my husband says it's one of the coolest bags I have.