Gryson Clio - Anyone own this bag?

  1. :sI have several handbags, but I am relatively new at collecting. I have been watching several websites and have cautiously purchased new additions.

    One of my recent additions is the Gryson Clio in chocolate. I know that she is a bit dated by now, even though the Gryson website still has it listed.

    But I have been basically, purchasing what I believe to be good buys and styles that I like, but now that I have been reading several of the posts here, I am wondering if I am approaching this whole handbag thing correctly.

    What are your thoughts on this bag and is it appropriate for a late 40's woman.
  2. I like the bag very much, and don't think it's dated or inappropriate for you at all. I buy what I like, try not to get caught up in the craze, which is hard here at tpf. I bought 4 HH bags this summer and sold three of them, kept one. Now I try to be a little less impulsive, lol. There are definitely HOT bags, like Rebecca Minkoff, Gustto, Tano - and you should decide if they are right for you. When buying, look for good prices, coupon codes, and also RETURN POLICIES! I just got burned with a huge restocking fee from a website I stupidly ordered from. Have fun!
  3. I was going to get a Clio and decided it was too similar to my Tutu which is basically the same with one pocket in patent on the front. I was waiting to find a Greer somewhere but they are nowhere to be found.
    The Clio I would say is fine for a woman of any age. They aren't too trendy looking. I love my Tutu. They are very quality bags. Did you get yours from Gryson? The Clio and Layla were on sale at Adasa awhile back for like 900 and something.


  4. I actually was having a difficult time in deciding on either the clio or the tutu. They are very simular. I love the red! What a stunning bag.

    There was a tutu at Adasa in Military, which I waited too long to decide. I went looking for another one but only found it in Black.

    I received an email that Adasa is now CoutourCandy. Did not see anything that I wanted. Wished Adasa had sent out an email telling us they were going out of business.
  5. The Tutu's on sale for $845 at They have a code floating around somewhere also.
  6. I have a brand new never used one. If you're interested please contact me at 404-926-5678. Thanks.