Gryson Care?

  1. My Gryson Skye (camel) needs a bit of TLC and I'm not sure what to use to clean it (or if I should even bother). I thought I'd check in here first!

    It basically looks like something rubbed off on to the bag on the corners. I have no clue what it was, but some of the corners now have a slight greyish tint. Weird.

  2. Does anyone have any tips on getting some scuffs out?I got my new bag today but it has several scuffs including one right on the front pocket
  3. I would try a little bit of Apple Care conditioner. I think we got our Grysons from the same sale (I haven't received mine yet). Given the sale price, I was wondering if the bag was a return or would show any wear. Let us know how it goes.
  4. You know I DID try that last night and it worked fine. Still not sure about the bag though. Probably a little too big and heavy for my taste.
  5. Glad to hear it worked! I'm wondering if the Olivia will be too big for me, but think it might be good for travel and just couldn't resist the price.
  6. Where is there a Gryson sale on now?
  7. There was one at urbanchic but everything is gone.
  8. I just got a fabulous deal on a Gryson Molly in Raspberry at Nordstrom Rack. The leather appears to be untreated, kind of like the newer Coach legacy. There are some scratches (nothing horrible) and I'm just wondering if I can use a leather conditioner on this type of leather? Has anyone done this? :confused1:
  9. I'm not familiar with the Molly style, but I do have an Olivia and use Cadillac's Conditioning Lotion on it. I actually bought it at Nordstroms. It's about $6 a bottle and is very gentle but does a wonderful job cleaning and polishing the bag. My Olivia was gently used when I bought it, and after I finished conditioning it with the lotion, the bag looked brand new.

    A sales associate told me once that regular use of a conditioning lotion on a bag that's scuffed and/or gently scratched will actually smooth the scuffs and scratches & they'll eventually fade (or blend in). I've tried it & it really works.
  10. I have the Gryon Moni and I used the apple brand cleaner and followed it up with the conditioner. It actually softened the leather and gave it a little sheen. Plus it made it softer to the touch.
  11. OMG... I also got a FABULOUS DEAL on a Gryson "Heidi" bag at Nordstrom Rack. I bought mine yesterday. Since mine was white the scratches weren't that noticable. I used Coach leather cleaner and the ones you could see came right off ! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for sharing your experience with this leather. I'm going to try some Coach leather conditioner on it.