Gryson/Botkier or keep both

  1. This must be a good time of year for shopping because I'm getting confused with all the bags I'm finding. Of these two, I got a much better deal on Gryson (in black) but did get the Botkier (cognac) on sale for about 35% off. I'm tempted to keep both, but if you were to choose, which would be the one? Would the fact that Bianca is being discontinued bother you? Make the bag dated?,1999.htm
  2. I know I'm way in the minority here, but I'm just not a fan of the Bianca. I'd go with the Gryson.
  3. i'm not in love with that particular gryson, but, have seen the botkier irl and it's amazing!!!
  4. I really like the shape and the pockets of the Botkier. The Gryson seems a bit disproportionate to me. I'd say go with the Botkier.
  5. I'm totally in a "smooshy leather mood" lately... so I'd go with the Botkier.
  6. Tough decision, IMO, both are nice, the Bianca looks more yummy though!
  7. Another vote for the Botkier!
  8. That Gryson actually isn't bad. But I love the Bianca. Maybe in a different color though.
  9. I got the Botkier bag home tonight and showed it to my husband...he thinks the shiny finish on it makes it look rather's actually rust color, rather than cognac.....maybe too much of an impulse buy...I'm having second thoughts. Knowing it's rust with finish like in this picture, would you still like it as much?
  10. I actually love the Rust color with the sheen better than the pearlized Cognac. I almost got the Rust but opted to buy a Cherry Bianca instead. I would vote for this bag over the Gryson...and I LOVE Gryson...but not so much for their structured stuff.

    I got a tremendous deal on a Gryson Elissa in Black Leather for 183.00 from That's unheard of. They still had a white one left when I looked.
  11. :confused1:
    Thanks Lexie...I'm going to hold on to both bags for now. I was thinking Nordies might have the Bianca in a dark brown. They had it in that color in the medium but not sure if they would have the large. If they did and esp if it was on sale, that would probably be my preference over the more shiny leather on the rust. I do feel that the softer leather on the Bianca feels better to carry that the more structured Gryson...but I've heard the Gryson softens with wear. Decisions, decisions.
  12. Keep the botkier, such a fantastic color too.
  13. I like the Gryson, it seems more classic.
  14. IMO the Botkier has always struck me weird - those pockets just remind me of boobs. I have no idea why, but there you have it.

    I actually prefer the Gryson tote on the bottom right portion of the page over the other. But between the 2, I say go with the Gryson (now that I've forever changed everyone's impression of the Botkier - sorry).
  15. The Botkier Boob bag has been discussed many times....LOL Yep...that was my first impression too. Saggy Boobs at that. I think there was a whole thread dedicated to this over a year ago.